Watch Dogs DLC Already Available, and Why We Should Be Mad

8CN: Are you freaking kidding me? I've been keeping up with Watch Dogs for quite a little while now, way back from the time when that first E3 trailer wowed us all last year up through the big delay and finally to the mediocre reviews post-launch. Imagine my surprise, then, when I opened up Steam and saw an ad for DLC for the game that I've never heard anything about, a week after it launched.

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BattleReach2506d ago

That's pretty sad indeed.

Ricegum2506d ago

I've played the game a lot and it offers quite a bit, definitely worth buying this game as the content is pretty big compared to a lot of other games out there. So what if there is DLC already, if you're that unhappy just don't buy it. Bringing out DLC this early is quite a good strategy actually because while people are still playing through and enjoying the game they are more likely to want more of it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Please don't defend content that is blatantly held back to be used as DLC and sold separately.
Yes you don't have to buy it and yes there is probably a good chunk of stuff to do already, but that's not the point it's the principle of it.

FamilyGuy2506d ago

A week after release means it should have just been included from the start. We already waited and extra 7 months for the game, what's one more week? At the very least it should've been free as it was obviously pretty much complete if they were able to have it ready this fast.

It's pathetic and it's people like you that cause this crap to happen. The ones who don't care and let them get away with these money grubbing tactics without complaint or even worse, and more specific to you, defending them.

darren_poolies2506d ago

"Please don't defend content that is blatantly held back to be used as DLC and sold separately."

Or you know, games are finished months in advance of their release date and the devs need something to do otherwise they'd just be sat around twiddling their thumbs?

Anyway I'm not a fan of DLC at all unless it's something full on like the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls, so I won't be buying it. If you don't like stuff like this, speak with your wallet.

DeadlyOreo2506d ago

Unreal & Darren

Completely agree. I think the game feels complete as it is, it doesn't feel like they've taken anything out of it. People need to stop whining about a bit of DLC, you don't have to buy it do you? Grow up, it's a business and they're in it for the money.

And like Darren said, the game was completed weeks or even months ago, they don't just sit there doing nothing.

torchic2506d ago


in that case it should be free. there's no excuse for paid DLC a week after launch.

HarryMasonHerpderp2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )


That maybe true, but like torchic says above me ^^
Why is it not free then? If The Witcher developers can give away free content after launch then why is a much larger company (ubisoft) charging for the same thing? a week after launch? the answer is clearly that they want more money. Like I keep saying though, yes by all means speak with your wallet and don't buy it but it doesn't make it right and people have a right to voice their opinion about money grabbing practices.

medman2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

All you people disagreeing with @unreal completely miss the fact that these companies are in business to make money, and by offering the dlc soon after launch they can ensure a maximum return on their investment because most gamers will still own their copies of Watch_Dogs and not have traded them in. The longer they wait, the fewer gamers will still be in the game world and that means fewer sales of that dlc. It's just business, and it makes sense. You can't win with gamers...too many of us complain because the dlc takes too long to arrive, and we complain when it arrives too quickly. Watch_Dogs at launch offers plenty of content to justify it's price. Why complain if the company wants to offer more content in a time frame that helps maximize their profit? Stop the nonsense folks, and stop feeling entitled to everything under the sun. Be realistic. In an age where company after company is cutting staff or shutting down completely, I don't blame them one bit for this strategy. In the end, nobody is forcing your can choose to boycott and not buy the game period, as this dlc was announced before the game even launched, so none of this is a surprise. If you were so offended, why did you buy the game? Incredible.

mydyingparadiselost2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Maybe they should include micro transactions too, I mean as long as your willing to spend the money why not, right? Is just another way for the company to make money so I guess it's OK. Or the DLC should have just been from day 1, that way you can spend more right away.
Like so many schemes in the industry this is made to take advantage of the minority of people willing to shell out the cash while the rest of us wonder why these people ruin the industry for an extra hour of a game.
And by the way, if the game is so complete why is the DLC already out? If there's just so much content already in the game why do you need more so soon? If customers are so happy with their purchase there shouldn't be a need to release this so soon. This is just another cash grab that make gamers look dumb and gives UbiSoft more incentive to give you less and charge for the rest.

3-4-52505d ago

@ Darren - The game WAS NOT finished months ahead of time, like you insist.

THEY NEEDED an extra 7 months, they worked on it until it was done then it released. There was no waiting time.

This is shady and they know it.

UltimateMaster2505d ago

It wasn't intended for you to spend 1000$ to play the game.
But rather satisfying every retailer with exclusive content.

If you don't want the DLC, don't buy it.

Watchdogs is great on the PS4.

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Sathur2506d ago

Does this mean the WiiU version of Watch Dogs will have the DLC on the disc when it comes out in the autumn?
Much like Mass Effect 3. Maybe it is worth waiting for on WiiU after all.

Redempteur2506d ago

Mass effect Wii U had Dlc support ? first time i'm hearing this

Sathur2505d ago

Yeah. Most of the dlc that came out for mass effect3 was on the disc when it was released on wiiu. If you had a ps3 or xbox360 version, you had to pay extra for the dlc

endzeitkind2506d ago

all this dlc thingys was created before and they did delete it from the original game for making more money later. i wont buy it. thats it.

LightDiego2506d ago

That's ridiculous, one week after launch, come on...

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