Dragon Age: Inquisition: Meet The Iron Bull

EA is teasing the heroes of Dragon Age: Inquisition leading up to the game’s big reveal at E3. Today is The Iron Bull, who is a large, muscular, fighting machine — and also a companion.

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ValKilmer2500d ago

Well, I mean, he's no Sera.

Bigpappy2500d ago

“What’s the most pieces you’ve ever cut someone into in a single swing? I’m up the three, but I have some ideas.” -

Would be nice if I could play as him. He reminds me of an Orc. I don't mind a bit of defensive or destructive magic, but ultimately I prefer chopping the enemy into bits.

ValKilmer2500d ago

Reminds me of The Mountain for Game of Thrones.

elhebbo162500d ago

:( dont remind me of last week.

sdozzo2500d ago

Loved you in Real Genius

sdozzo2500d ago

David Ortiz is a juicer.

LogicLee2500d ago

The anticipation is killing me... teasing images and quotes.

TrollingKoala2500d ago

Besides Morrigan, Leliana and Cassandra i wonder how many past characters will be in the game and be an important figure.