Luigi's death stare helps sell Mario Kart 8

From the article: "Whats seems to be taking the gaming community by a storm is the expressions that the characters of Mario Kart 8 make in game while reacting with each other showing how much details has been injected into the game. The most notable of the gifs going around is Luigi’s expression when taking someone down or just passing someone."

Geobros3284d ago

LOL!!!! I've read this article because of his title but I was sure about the bad quality explanation.

elhebbo163284d ago

If anyone else is interested in seeing more of luigis death stare, you can go here:

WeAreLegion3284d ago

I like his death stare, but Donkey Kong has the best one.

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Kevlar0093284d ago

The Luigi Death Stare memes and gifs are great advertising for MK8. Plus it shows one of many subtle layers of detail added to the game that help make it stand out from the common game. The Mario Kart series does an amazing job of being its own class of game, it's one of the only games of its type, has fun with items and level design, and throws in tons of detail most would overlook or not think of

NegativeCreep4273284d ago

Maybe someone can explain all this to me; is Luigi's "death stare" a special attack or something or is it just an expression the character makes similar to a victory stance in a fighting game? Like what's the big deal?

DoctorJones3284d ago

I know that being on the internet can be tricky when you want to find out something so let me help you -

NegativeCreep4273283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Well I do know something. I also know that introverted DB loners like you that dont have any real friends or never have had any real interactions with real people in the real world tend to choose to impose themselves in online forums and be pricks for no good reason. I understand, no need to apologize.

voodoochild3463283d ago

He exposed you. Wipe the egg off your face and move on...

fatneal3283d ago did you do me to a page to show me how to make these mini google vids...funny stuff by the way

DoctorJones3283d ago


Ah, personal insults based on baseless assumptions. Usually used by the dull witted. If you want to know what dull witted means, you can use that Google thing again.


I was tempted to put a Let me google that for you inside a Let me google that for you, but you don't deserve that. This is the site -

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skydragoonity3284d ago

Its just when he passes you and looks at you, every other character does that. There's no big deal but the internet is making it seem like it is

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