New Dragon Ball Z Game to be shown at E3

There will be a 30 minute presentation with Bandai Namco on the upcoming new untitled Dragon Ball Z game set to release on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360.

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Abash2506d ago

Definitely getting this DBZ game for my PS4, especially being hyped that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is coming to theaters here in August!

0P-Tigrex2506d ago

It wasn't that good imo.. yeah Bills was a God... but Bills isn't even the strongest god.. Goku become a "god" himself.. yeah he fought against bills without god mode for a little bit, but that's cliche DBZ for ya

Blaze9292506d ago

you must be a die hard DBZ fan. Even me, growing up in the 90s and loving DBZ to death - I can't pull any excitement for these games anymore. Battle of Z was terrible.

Dunno why we just cant get a Burst Limit 2. What fans what, they never bring. Just these mediocre titles year after year that get worse.

Shadonic2506d ago

Agreed, Battle of Z and ultimate Tenkaichi were just horrible titles that should of never have even gotten past the concept stage in the gameplay department.

HappyWithOneBubble2506d ago

Why can't they just make a good 2D DBZ game?

Hooby2506d ago

DBZ fights take up way too much space for a 2d game to ever do it justice, imo.

HappyWithOneBubble2506d ago

They can do something like this The fighting style in the DBZ games now is boring to me.

0P-Tigrex2506d ago

The Tenkaichi games feel like garbage. every time i play them. I always like the Budakai/ Burst Limit setup. It would make it better if there was more to do in game and the characters were faster. I hate the Giant free battle crap

Hold_It2506d ago

If only they would quit throwing out trash DBZ games as fan service and actually went back and made a good DBZ like Tenkaichi 3. All the ones after that have been very broken and the latest was an overglorified rock-paper-scissors.

zep2506d ago

you mean budokai 3 not tenkaichi 3

Hold_It2505d ago

Fundamental wise Tenkaichi 3 was good. I guess people don't like games that require skill and want button mashers.

zep2505d ago

tenkaiichi is a button masher i can do 100 combo points just using sqaure and trinagle you call that skills? wow if you want pure skill go play dragaomball gt final bout on ps1

RamboRabbi2506d ago

The tenkaichi series was so boring the combat was just cutscene after cutscene, the controls were horrid, the gameplay was far less fluid than budakai 3 which imo is the best dbz/GT game off all time.

SoulSercher6202506d ago

Tenkaichi 3 or Raging Blast 2 status or I pass on yet another DBZ game

LightningMokey2506d ago

Well you'll be happy to know Raging Blast 2 has been out for years. :P

SoulSercher6202506d ago

Umm okay and I own the game. Your point?

LightningMokey2505d ago

Read your original statement.

maniacmayhem2506d ago

We need a DBZ game that doesn't follow canon. Different stories, new characters, new enemies, new moves.

People talk about "milk", DBZ is the most milked game there is.

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The story is too old to be commented.