Are E3 demos intentionally deceptive?

It’s easy to get caught in the headlights. After all, E3 is out to impress you. Unexpected announcements, fancy presentations, the biggest triptych you’re ever likely to see – it’s all part of the most effective hype-machine in the world, running at full steam. It can be overwhelming, and that’s sort of the point.

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mhunterjr2505d ago

' It's the embodiment of a developer’s ambition and future intentions.'

I think this sums up the argument perfectly. Developers are artists. These demos represent a glimpse at the peice they want to create. and they inherently want to make a peice that will resonate with people. I don't think they want to mislead. But they DO want people to be excited about what they are doing... Whether it be fans or potential publishers.

We need to look at e3 for what it is... Developers showing off their visions. we also need to understand that sometimes, that vision won't be realized.