Cross-Dressing Discouraged In Tomodachi Life

Remember the news about Tomodachi Life and it's lack of same-sex relations? Well, it seems your friendly little Miis don't quite appreciate donning the opposite genders clothing, either.

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Activemessiah2506d ago

Next thing you know, Junkies are gonna come out and complain about the lack of drugs... a sim game without drug content? yeah... this is getting ridiculous.

JohnathanACE2506d ago

Getting? Its been ridiculous from the very start.

guitarded772506d ago

I don't know anything about the game except there is some debate over gay couples being allowed, but I think your comparison of gays to addicts is a bad one at best.

SoulMikeY2506d ago Show
Activemessiah2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@Guitarded I was waiting for the likes of you... it doesn't matter what subject I chose... your answer is your answer by default isn't it.

Clown_Syndr0me2506d ago

Well good, no one can say cross dressing is normal...if youre into that then fair enough but it isn't the norm.

sjaakiejj2506d ago

Not normal? I'd actually argue that it is quite common and quite normal. Just because you or I wouldn't be jumping to put on a dress doesn't make it "not normal". In fact, who are we to define what normal actually entails? Is it normal to simulate violence in mediums like video games and films? Is it normal to explore your sexual fantasies with your partner? Is it normal to believe in a almighty being in heaven? Is it normal not to believe in one?

Just because you don't do it (or don't even have an urge to do it) doesn't mean it isn't normal. I believe the only thing that can be considered normal is to just accept people for how they are, regardless of how they like to dress, who they love, and what they want to do. If any of those things entails danger of any kind we need to offer those people psychological help - but only if it poses a danger to those around them.

Clown_Syndr0me2506d ago

If it was normal, there would be dresses and high heels in the men's section.

Like I said each to their own but clothes are designed for a specific sex, so no it isn't normal.

SoulMikeY2506d ago

EVERYONE is a judge of what's normal. Don't be a "hero". Cross-dressing is not, and never will be normal or common.

sjaakiejj2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

How am I being a hero? I'm simply stating my opinion regarding this topic.

Games are designed for men, yet women use them. Most women wear clothes from men's sections as well, and that's considered normal. Though those clothes were designed for men, so are you arguing that, because those clothes cannot be found in women's sections, those women are not normal?

Here, read up:

sjaakiejj2506d ago

So there have to be dildos and vibrators in the men's section of a sex shop for homosexuality to be considered normal?

Just because the product isn't tailored for or marketed to a specific sex, doesn't make it abnormal for them to purchase and use the product.

For instance - most video games are made by, tailored for and marketed to men. Yet there's plenty of women playing those games as well. Are those women not normal?

Kal8532506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

No Mom, they're called action figures. Yes, I play with them.