Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition Pre-order for PS4 available on PSN Store.

Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition has gone live early on the PlayStation Store.

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LackTrue4K2506d ago

wack ass servers on Battlefield 4 just keep lagging/kicking me out.........this is no time to pre-order crap!

bobsmith2506d ago

liked how bf4 pre order came with 1st map pack china rising hope this does the same and ill pre order.
bf4s pretty messed up but all other shooters are futuristic and bf like the only modern shooter now and I like this cops vs criminals thing instead of military

Ghost_Nappa2506d ago

And yet still better than ghosts.

spaceg0st2506d ago

I really like the fact that Visceral Games (maker of BF:Hardline) brought in well known battlefield YouTubers to take their input into account when designing this game.

Yes there were a lot of problems with bf4, but they should have most ironed out by the time this comes out.

Hk85karlsson2506d ago

They already have. At least for me, its working fine.

Clown_Syndr0me2506d ago

I wish the store had a separate area for preorders. Its annoying going into games section, sorting it by new to old and all the new games being preorders.
I don't know if the US store is any better but it usually was when I had a PS3.

ScottyHoss2505d ago

Yeah it has preorder page, that's a bummer dude

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