5 Ways Sony Can ‘Lose’ E3

'With Sony going in as the major leader in the current generation console race and projected to only increase its lead, VGU looks at 5 ways Sony could completely botch its E3 and send them hurtling towards the bottom of the table.'

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kyon1472501d ago

It will be interesting to see this, this year as Microsoft were the highlight last year haha

georgeenoob2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

If MS announces Shenmue or Battlefront as X1 exclusives I'm confident Sony automatically loses.

alexkoepp2501d ago

Battlefront for sure. Really just showing Halo 5 will automatically make them lose, but battlefront would be a massive blow. They'd lose e3 2015 too if that happens lol

Patrick_pk442501d ago

Battlefront will never be exclusive for Xbone, and EA has most likely learned from their mistakes with Titanfall exclusivity, since EA believed Xbone would sell more consoles then PS4, which never happened. As stated by the developers the first Titanfall was exclusive, and let us take a look at Plants vs Zombies which itself is no longer exclusive.

OrangePowerz2501d ago

I love love love Shenmue with a very devoted fanbase, BUT it's a very niche game and said fanbase isn't that big.

As for Battlefront, EA learned their lesson with Titanfall to not make a game exclusive for a console brand.

TOTSUKO2501d ago

This list is hilarious.

What company is stupid enough to do such things?....

sic_chops2501d ago

In my opinion, nobody loses E3. Everybody wins. Is finishing out a console generation in last place a loss? To you, of course not. To MS, yes.

avengers19782501d ago

@noob and alex you guys still banking on 3rd party exclusives to bail out MS, SMH.

rainslacker2501d ago

I'm pretty sure Disney would never allow EA to make BF exclusive to one system. Disney couldn't give a rat's behind about console exclusives, and the amount of money MS would have to shell out to even make it remotely possible would be a complete waste.

Shenmue would cause a lot of upset people, and the fallout would be huge for Sega, but I doubt it's going to cause Sony to lose. If that's all MS can bring, then they will lose.

avengers19782501d ago

@rainslacker I was just talking about that with my brother, EA may want to sign an exclusive deal, but Disney will not allow anything like that, Disney will want Battlefront on everything to get as much money as possible, unless of course MS Throws out a billion dollars for exclusive rights to Battlefront, it ain't happening.

Shenmue won't help MS WIN, and if anything happens with Shenmue(witch I seriously doubt) it will be multiplat including Wii U to get as much sales as possible...

Really the most likely 3rd party exclusive for MS is Fallout 4(Bethesda would surely sell MS exclusive rights to this game for 300-400 million$, cause it would never make that anyway)

greenlantern28142500d ago

And if they are sony exclusives do they automatically win?
But I think more likely candidates are Fallout 4, or Mass Effect. But will be timed exclusive anyway

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SkippyPaccino2501d ago

I find that Sony always has the hardest conference to pull off...Microsoft gets the benefit of going first, meaning anything that is shown during their conference is new (unless already leaked beforehand)and makes everything they do look that much more impressive since it's the first E3 conference of the day...Then you have the EA and Ubisoft conferences that show off even more cool things we haven't seen yet...Now we re left with Sony...They have no choice but to blow everyone away or it will be deemed as a boring conference after seeing everything else during the day...

That's why I always find myself watching the Sony conference live ,than followed by Microsoft and will glance both EA and Ubisoft...I find its a more realistic portrayal of what highlights E3... Going last does have some advantages (especially E3 2013)but it also comes with a boat load more pressure to deliverer after what the media has already seen 3 conferences before yours...(probably why lots of people always say that Microsoft have better E3 since it's the first one we see and we cant compare it to anything else after the fact)

Cant wait for the 9th

ifistbrowni2501d ago

@totsuko, i agree. Nothing listed in the article makes any sense and would never happen.

IanVanCheese2501d ago

Do a Don Mattrick basically

AceBlazer132501d ago

Expected a more serious list.Here's what can make Sony lose in my eyes.

Too much focus on indies, the majority of us know their stance on Indies by now and while they are fun we don't need too much if a focus on them.

Project Beast is Multiplatform, or it flat out doesn't show up. This would be a real heartbreak.

Too much time showing off Project Morpheus. It's almost certain to appear but let's not waste too much time in it unless they have some amazing games for it ready to be shown off.

No familiar/flashy IP. If your gonna show your stuff in a theatre to the public there has to bea face they recognize or a new one that hooks them in immediately. Just imagine sitting in a theatre then the screen goes dark then you suddenly see kratos's face appear on screen *theatre goes wild *

The last point wouldn't really bother all that much but the other 3 needs to not happen

Malphite2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Sorry doublepost.

Malphite2501d ago

"Too much time showing off Project Morpheus"

They'll most probably talk about the Morpheus. They might show a game trailer or two. I don't think that there will be an on-stage demo though. It's very hard to show off VR games.

lonelyplayer2501d ago

Good list. I think Kratos is a bad example I'd prefer something known and good but maybe from the ps2 era.

fenome2501d ago

God of War is good and known and was released on the PS2

theDivision2501d ago

agreed. I was expecting a much more serious list. The article should have been your list.

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LOL_WUT2501d ago

I just hate all the sales/chart talk just show us the games and end it with a trailer or gameplay of an unannounced game ;)

teo722501d ago

Here is a way Sony can win E3: Show up and have a kick-ass show.

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