The Tetris Syndrome: Remembering the Best-Selling Game of All Time’s 30th Birthday

Abishek Rolands from High Score Reviews writes:

'Ten years ago I spent the Christmas holidays with my cousin in Lincoln. He was the only person I knew back then with a strange, fancy games console; something called the “Xbox”. It was a giant, leviathan of a machine. With the Matrix-like UI and green highlights on the casing, it looked like it came straight out of the future compared to my boring, grey PlayStation. On this weird machine, he had a new sci-fi game filled with aliens, vast worlds, ambitious movie-esque storylines, an epic orchestral soundtrack and a seriously bad-ass protagonist. To a 12 year old boy who hardly played video games besides racing and football games every now and then, Halo 2 blew my mind.

So we played and played…and then played a little more. We played first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Being my first ever first person shooter, I was terrible at the game, but I didn’t care because I was having so much fun. But Halo 2’s effect on me lasted more than the time we were playing it. When I...'

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XisThatKid2501d ago

THere's something I didn't know I had in common with Tetris...