The Witcher 3 Characters Compared to Previous Games - Next-Gen vs Last-Gen Character Rendering

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features almost all the characters that were present in the previous games in the series. Here is a screenshot/GIF comparison showing how the characters of The Witcher 3 look like in next-gen visuals compared to the characters in the previous games.

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elhebbo162512d ago

CDPR definitely made Geralt more... attractable hehe. Its funny how much a simple beard or goatee can change the characters appearance.

starchild2512d ago

They definitely have dialed up the graphics to 11. I love the look of this game. And to think it is a massive open world game...incredible.

elhebbo162512d ago

and the fur/hair physuc just look out of this world, I think I might get another video card just dedicated for physx because I really dont want to miss out.

Frisky2511d ago

This is how next-gen tech has changed the in-game visuals and the way games used to look. Funny we are still stuck in Xbox One vs PS4 war and are deprived of true gaming entertainment.

Geekman2512d ago

Who gives a glaring Luigi, talk about the game.

Eyesoftheraven2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

That's among the least appropriate and most ignorant thing to say in regards to a video game within a video game hub. Look, we almost all realize graphics alone do not make a great game, but games ARE graphics whether they're advanced 3D or more primitive 2D. Of course a main point of interest is graphical style and/or fidelity. The Witcher lore and characters are so awesome that it could be a top down, 2D side scroller and many would still be all over it. But it's not, it also happens to be a cutting edge, GPU melting powerhouse developed under an equally amazing studio. Therefore there's naturally going to be tons of interest around the graphical work. The artists (programmers, modelers, concept folk, etc.) put a lot of work into ensuring it looks as good as it does, so I'm sure they appreciate people's attention to detail. If you can't stand improvements in graphical fidelity, allow me to suggest you stick to the comics and books exclusively - they tend to stay pretty much the same.

Geekman2511d ago

I'm just tired of people acting like it'sa huge priority. It's a VIDEO GAME. As long as it doesn't look like Rambo, 90% of developers attention and 99% of gamers attention shouldn't be on graphics. We could have much longer stories and much less bugs. I can't even PLAY the Forest, but WHO CARES, THE GRASS LOOKS AMAZING!