Story Will be “Crucial” in the Next Need For Speed by Ghost Games, Will Involve External Writers

The next installment of the Need for Speed franchise is currently in development at Ghost Games, slated for 2015, and today a new career opportunity ad seeking a Narrative Director gave a tidbit of information on what you can expect.

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porkChop2500d ago

I don't mind a bit of story in arcade racers, as long as it's done right and well written.

Here's one thing I find hilarious. A couple years ago Criterion boasted about how they were now in control of the entire NFS IP. Then they released the pile of crap that was the Most Wanted reboot, and now suddenly Ghost Games seems to be the only studio working on NFS games.

Retroman2500d ago

I find it hilarious Ghost games will end up as Criterion games if this 2015 title no better than Crapfest hotpursuit , mostwanted , rival . imo, they need to steer away from Burnout engine completely also Dump alldrive , auto-log . be ORIGINAL !!!!!!!!!!

16bitNutritionist2500d ago

How was auto-log and alldrive not original? Hot Pursuit was awesome, Most Wanted wasent as good but still good all the same, hopefully this will be just as good if not better than those two.

NukaCola2500d ago

It shocks me no one has mentioned NFS The Run. Had a story. Was horrible.

Vitalogy2500d ago

I just want Need For Speed Underground 3.

XiSasukeUchiha2500d ago

Oh cool Need for Speed series is going to be awesome.

heisenberguk2500d ago

Do u actually ever think before you type?

KonsoruMasuta2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

How is this so hard? Just make an open world game with extensive car customization and fun races. That is all I ask!

The NFS: Underground Series was one of my favorites. I just want something like it. I don't need a linear story driven racer.

Retroman2500d ago

masuta open world games is the problem . not every NFS need to be open world . that is the main reason i have not bought any n4s titles since UNDERGROUND 1 .... i understand 1 or 2 titles but not all titles need to be open world. as we all experience they're not what we expected . i personally wish the tool kit return to BLACKBOX STUDIO ...............

BattleReach2500d ago

That's nice to hear. I just bought Rivals for PS4 during the Pre-E3 sale (€39,99).

Razputin2500d ago

If you are a fan of NFS, just hope its nothing like NFS Undercover. Actual movie actors and the such but probably the worst NFS to date in my opinion.

Pro Street wasn't may favorite either but I wasn't into that specific title.

Retroman2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

in my personal opinion to date worst NFS is Criterion 2 titles and rival . along with Prostreets,undercover,carbon, underground 2 , the Run. n4s don't need a storyline it's a racing game from point A to finishline not a plot for a drama show . download Rival off PSN other day tested first 5 minutes it sucked. handling , controlling of cars was unbelievable deleted the game from harddrive .

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The story is too old to be commented.