Review: MIND≒0 is a Mind≒Screw | DualShockers

Allisa James from DualShockers reviews Mind Zero for PS Vita, which was developed by Acquire and ZeroDiv and published by Aksys Games.

Will gorgeous artwork, dark themes and interesting characters be enough to save this first-person dungeon crawler? Probably not.

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Whxian2506d ago

persona 3 & 4 small budget?

VileAndVicious2506d ago

The game has potential to be good. It's just gets sooo repetative

noxeven2506d ago

I'm playing through it at the moment. Its like eterian odyssey and persona 1 combined. Walking is probably the most annoying part of it so far. The movement is first person but while that doesn't bother me its the stiff feel of the movement controls that bother me. Only 5 hours in though.