The Daily Five: Reasons to be Excited for EA Sports UFC

"EA Sports UFC releases in less than two weeks and it's the developers second attempt at bringing the action-packed atmosphere of the octagon to home consoles. EA's first attempt was years ago with EA MMA and while the game shined in a lot of way, it was never really a contender due to the lack of licensing that was exclusive to THQ. With THQ being liquidated, EA picked up the MMA license and went to work on its inaugural UFC title." - David Wales, Stealthy Box

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objdadon2500d ago

I guess this is fun for mma fans but us boxing fans are shit out of luck! Fuck you EA!

BallsEye2500d ago

Played the demo yesterday on XO. Daamn this game has a lot of depth! Looks amazing as well! Download it now !

mhunterjr2500d ago

The first thing I noticed from the demo is the amount of depth. It's deeper than any fight sim I've ever played. I've never been a huge fan of UFC, but this game might help change that.

Father__Merrin2500d ago

tried demo on ps4 uninstalled demo on ps4. didn't look all that a jump from ps3 games tbh,

sovkhan2500d ago

Not my cup of tea, so did not even bother trying it :)

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