Mario Kart 8 is IGN's Game of the Month for May

Why Mario Kart 8 is May's Game of the Month.

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incendy352501d ago

IGN - Mario Kart
Gamespot - Super Time Force

Gamespot = hardcore gamers, IGN = casual gamers :D

LightDiego2501d ago

Gamespot is a huge piece of shit, even IGN is better than garbage like GS and Kotaku.
Congratulations for Mario Kart 8, great game.

randomass1712500d ago

IGN is really manufactured, but Gamespot is straight up bought out. A review from them is like looking at the tagline on the back of the box of a game.

KonsoruMasuta2501d ago

Super Time Force is not a hardcore game, hate to tell you that.

SolidDuck2501d ago

Yes cause super time force is so hardcore. Or did u mean hipster and niche. There fixed it.

darthv722501d ago

Did you just imply that mario kart does not invoke a sense of skill and strategy to overcome the opposition on the screen?

that is the very core definition of core game.

Casual games require no skill involved to just pick up and play. Angry birds, candy crush are casual. MK8 is as core as any other racing game. But it has 3 letters that define it...FUN. the very ingredient that makes a game worth playing.

crusf2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Lol, How sad it must be to have a troll mind such as yours.

deafdani2501d ago

I don't know about the quality of Super Time Force (haven't played it myself), but Gamespot is a big joke of a site, and their opinion really doesn't reflect much about the quality of any given game.

randomass1712500d ago

I found it shockingly humorous when they fired one of their writers for not manufacturing his review of what was otherwise considered a mediocre game. Haven't followed 'em since.

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Starbucks_Fan2501d ago

Thank God it wasn't Watch Dogs LOL

BiggCMan2501d ago

Just proves that people rather cling on to sequels and rehashes than enjoy something fresh and new. Watch Dogs is fascinating, best game of the first half of 2014 so far.

darthv722501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

@bigg.. watchdogs is fresh and new but it is only those things in the presentation alone. the basic mechanics are, in itself, a rehash of something that has been done before. Namely assassin creed. both games are made by ubisoft after all.

BiggCMan2501d ago

Yea it takes lots from other games just like any other game in the industry does. But it still manages to do them well and unique enough.

On top of that, it did actually bring something brand new and groundbreaking to gaming. And that's the very well done hacking mechanics.

This game is nothing like Assassin's Creed, so just because it's made by Ubisoft doesn't mean it's like their other game.

Timesplitter142501d ago

it proves that people would rather play fun colorful games than generic over-produced games

Realplaya2501d ago

Enjoy Assassins creed oops I mean Watch Dogs.

Loadedklip2501d ago

New IP doesn't necessarily mean it is fresh and original.

GTA V does a LOT of what Watchdogs does while doing it better than Watchdogs.

LetoAtreides822501d ago

That must be why Watch Dogs is outselling MK8.

Ck1x2500d ago

Is it really that fresh and new, when we already have games like GTA and Saints Row doing the open world theme. Where Watchdogs loses me is when reviews have consistently stated that the hacking isn't a necessity and in most situations, you can just shoot your way through the mission or segment.

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-Foxtrot2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Why not. I'd rather take a good new IP which is fresh over a good existing IP

Watch Dogs was pretty good for what it was. You have to acknowledge when devs try to create something different, I mean we all moan that we don't get enough new IPs

LOL_WUT2501d ago

Not to mention all the bad press it was receiving prior to its release and still managed to outdo Nintendo's biggest ip of the month. You really got to hand it Ubisoft for taking more risks than Nintendo. Still congrats to MK8 ;)

Realplaya2501d ago

@ LOL Lets talk next week when we see what MK8 did with 7 days compared to 3.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )


Let's see here:
PS3 + X360 = Over 160m+ Install Base
PS4 + XOne = Over 12m+ Install Base

Wii U: 6.5m Install Base

Now tell me who has the advantage to sell more.

Geekman2501d ago

You idiots, he spoke SENSE! Stop mindlessly disagreeing!

randomass1712500d ago

It's not really sense at all. Especially when you consider that Mario Kart 8 is probably going to continue selling units throughout the Wii U's lifespan while Watch Dogs' initial numbers will rapidly fade. Watch Dogs may have had an initially higher opening day in sales, but it's not going to have the same staying power as many of Nintendo's games do. Mario Kart 8 is Wii U's killer app. Watch Dogs, while decent, is not seen as truly next gen and it will be very quickly replaced by something better.

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Malphite2501d ago

Wow. What's up with the Watch Dogs hate? I've finished it and I'd say it's an excellent game.

On topic: Mario Kart probably deserved it. The Mario Kart games have always been fun.

No_Limit2501d ago

Greatly deserved. Can't stop playing this game online and haven't even have time to touch Watch Dog on my PS4 after last Friday.

Activemessiah2501d ago

I don't know who's worse: IGN, Gamespot or Polygon...

Ok it is Polygon.

NukaCola2501d ago

Well you can't deny Polygon is the worst gaming site around.

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