Missing Wave Race? Zordix AB Has You Covered With Aqua Moto Racing Uptopia For Wii U

Several months ago, little-known indie developer Zordix AB announced it was creating a Wii U-exclusive follow-up to its popular 3DS watercraft racing game, Aqua Moto Racing. To date, only a handful of pre-rendered pieces of artwork have been released, but with a full reveal planned for E3 next week, it’s only a matter of time until Zordix AB becomes one of the many trusted Nintendo supporters.

Speaking with founder Matti Larsson, join Nintendo Enthusiast as we find out about how Zordix AB plan to best Nintendo’s own Wave Race by giving us beautiful HD visuals, full online play, and expanded gameplay options!

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Geobros2126d ago

I am missing Waverace, its an epic game for N64...

FriedGoat2126d ago

Blue storm was epic too, on the gamecube!

Waverace is a dream.

Cindy-rella2126d ago

i want a ps4 really badly and id love for this game to come to the ps4 if possible. i love wave race on n64 and gamecube.

Ac7iVe2126d ago

Gonna buy this day one

NicSage2126d ago

Waverace was my favorite game on my 64.

kewlkat0072126d ago

Was one of my favorites...I loved the soundtrack.

Ol_Boy2126d ago

This games sounds like it's going to be awesome. Hopefully they deliver an amazing experience. I loved wave race on the 64.

tracerBullet2126d ago



pretty hyped for this

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