Nintendo of Europe Holding Mario Kart 8 Luigi Death Stare Contest

Nintendo of Europe have announced that they are holding a new contest, requiring players to submit highlight reels from the recently released Wii U exclusive Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo are specifically looking for highlight reels which feature Luigi, as he made headlines this week with his now infamous death stare.

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DC7772506d ago

hilarious the things that randomly catch on

cleft52506d ago

I read that article talking about how the NOE president is different from other Nintendo presidents, but it seems it really is true. This is hilarious and brilliant.

wonderfulmonkeyman2506d ago

Sounds like NOE, at least, is paying close attention to trends for the sake of advertisement.
The levels of it for MK8 are crazy huge compared to earlier this year with the rest of the library!

Reeze2506d ago

That's awesome! Nintendo, take advantage of memes!!

LightDiego2506d ago

Luigi will be a villain on the next game of Mario.

SpiralTear2506d ago

That actually would be awesome.

wonderfulmonkeyman2506d ago

He actually was one for a while during super paper Mario.
Mr. L. was awesome.XD

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