Top 10 Sexiest Moments in Gaming

CCC Says: "Sex Sells. At least that’s what they say. But what if sex isn’t the intended focus, but just happens to pop up all over the place in your game? What then? Well, we address some of the sexiest moments in video gaming that may or may not have been intentional. So sit back and relax, reminisce about trying to find some of these (we know you did), and help us count down the ten sexiest moments in video gaming. We know we didn’t get them all, but these are some of our favorites for the simple reason that they shouldn’t have even been there in the first place but they were. Here we go."

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claud32506d ago

Oh go away, really this is actually important news

KonsoruMasuta2506d ago

And that's why it's not lited under the news tab.

claud32506d ago

Why anyone wants to actually know this crap, is real sad

2pacalypsenow2506d ago

Its sad how hard your trying to put this article down

rextraordinaire2506d ago

Says someone with an avatar mainly made of cleavage... Yeah ok.

rextraordinaire2506d ago

It's lacking all of Catherine's marketing campaign, with that melted cheese, gooey hot pink fluids and spread eagle sound track advertising...