Who’ll Steal the Spotlight at E3 2014?

CCC Says: "Can you feel that? The buzz. The electricity. There is only one thing that can gin up that kind of excitement in our industry (outside of a major console launch). It’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 for short…but you already knew that). While this is an annual event, 2014 promises to be a particularly interesting year for sure. Last year left us with promises and speculation as to what the future would hold for the next-generation. Now, 12 months later, all of those questions have been answered. Next week’s convention will showcase (more than anything else) the fall-out of the ups and downs of 2013. Who’s on top? Who made the right decisions? Who made the wrong ones?"

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ktype22503d ago

Tsk. Pretty disappointed with Nintendo recently. All the games I've been looking forward to keeps getting delayed, and you'll always get to hear "Please understand" in Nintendo Direct. I read earlier that Sony is featuring 70 games at their booth (though some seems to have been already released, but still getting some highlights). I hope to see more title announcements (or exclusives!) for the Xbox One.