What Does Microsoft Need To Do To Win E3?

CCC Says: "E3, the biggest video game conference in the world, is kicking off in only a couple of days, and we now know what to expect, what we are going to see, what booths we are going to visit and what press conferences we are going to check out. But one question remains. Who will win E3? Which of the big three will dazzle us with their upcoming lineup? We don’t know for sure, but we can definitely say what each company should do to take home the prize."

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n4rc2501d ago

Nothing, because you can't win a trade show

headblackman2501d ago

all microsoft has to do is let phill spencer continue to do what he's been doing since he's become the head of the xbox division and just keep funding all of his visions and they will win e3 and possiblly this generation console battle.

Goku7812501d ago

Buy every IP they didnt make to make sure the competition dosent have it.

ezop2501d ago

Make the GAMERS happy!! ... not the asshat journalists/blogger/youtubers/ etc . etc ...