Microsoft Needs to Focus on Games at E3

James Pungello of VGU shares his thoughts on what Microsoft needs to do with the Xbox One at E3 to try and catch up to Sony.

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christocolus2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Errrm, isn't that what they did last E3? They focused on games.that has always been the plan&i don't see Phil Spencer changing it anytime soon. I also believe their conference is titled “Game on”. That tells it all.

ats19922507d ago

Man how many more people are going to get the xbox one reveal confused with last years E3. Microsoft didn't show anything but games at last years E3 and it will be the same at this years E3.

Pogmathoin2507d ago

No last year MS tried to turn the lights off and destroy gaming. Sony saved the day and stopped the advancement of the future. Do hope some of those features make a comeback. The problem last year was Mattrick. He is smug. MS tried to take a huge step, advance the living room, but really, it was a free for all last year, no clear direction. They took huge step back to try correct it, and I believe they are doing it right.

christocolus2507d ago

Turn the lights off and destroy gaming? They were basically going the way of steam. Is valve turning the lights off and destroying gaming?

The problem was ms was going with a new idea one which most console owners weren't familiar with or ready for. The drm thing was a new idea which majority of console owners didn't had some nice ideas I.e the ability to sell your games and split the proceeds with the game devs,family sharing,fighting piracy, reduced cost of games but gamers wanted it to remain the way its always been and ms had to change these policies. I totally undertsand what ms was trying to do but I'm glad they dropped the policy..They weren't doing it to destroy gaming, they were bringing something new to consoles,something quite good but gamers werent ready for it just yet&besides there was the question of the availability of standard/reliable internet facilities worldwide to support fully online consoles. Many gamers do not have acess to these yet.

AngelicIceDiamond2507d ago

@Chris Exactly I would think Game On would give some sort of hint at what they could show at E3.

Also MS said they'll have 45 new apps ahead of E3. I think Phil might wanna do a quick run down summary of everything none gaming they did in May. A quick reminder of sorts that's less than 5 minutes.

Other than that Phil will go coo coo with the games. Xbox: Game On indeed.

Software_Lover2507d ago

.......... are people really that blind to what they did last E3?

Mr-Dude2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Apperntly all is forgiven and forgotten....

i think they all will do good at the upcoming E3

Belasco2507d ago

Apparently not by everyone...

Neoninja2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It would certainly appear that way.

I think people are mixing together the X1 reveal with mostly negative parts, or what they consider to be negative parts of the Xbox's E3 last year.
Either way I expect a good show and am excited to see what's in store for us gamers.

pungello882507d ago

Microsoft definitely placed an emphasis on games last year and that was good but they not only need to keep up the momentum but take advantage of the fact that their controversial policies and the reveal of the console itself aren't issues they need to address or even sidestep at this point.

I thought their conference last year was good but it got overshadowed, I think if they can repeat that level without the distractions, it will work much better.

pompombrum2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Their E3 conference last year was solid, it was just overshadowed by all the other crap they were pulling. They could literally copy last year's approach this year and it would be a very different story thanks to all their switch flipping.

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Whitey2k2507d ago

I still think x1 has way less games in the makes then ps4 everytime I come on n4g theres always new announcement for apps on microsoft side and I end up seeing game announcements for the ps4 sides

LAWSON722507d ago

Do we have a different N4g or something MS has been having big news almost daily yet Sony has been pretty much silent

uth112507d ago

Maybe it's the way n4g custom-filters the stories, but I too have been seeing one or more game announcements for PS4 daily and virtually none for Xbox One lately.

Summons752507d ago

Yes, yes they do. Last year they promised gamers the world on a silver platter then only came out with a few games, all of them nothing above average. I know they have 5 Halo's this year but they need more instead of hiding behind their flagship franchise. They need more to convince me to buy an Xbone, I've already played the four Halo's they are giving the HD treatment a million times and 5 alone isn't enough to buy it.

Hopefully they will do well though.

ats19922507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

So they are not above average? Microsoft's exclusives for xbox one have been rated better than sonys on the ps4 yet everybody keeps trying to say sony has the better exclusives. Plus please tell me how you know they have 5 halos coming out this year thats just a rumor.

Summons752507d ago

The Halo 1-4 HD collection was confirmed plus Halo 5 is going to be officially revealed (again) sooooo that makes 5 Halos at E3 (probably 2 trailers and maybe a demo showing off Halo 2 HD).

But to their major games that came out:

Ryse: awful
Dead Rising 3: typical dead rising, nothing special
Forza: a niche genre but the only exception it was pretty good
Killer Instinct: disappointing
TitanFall: really mediocre bringing nothing special long term to the table
Kinect Sports Rivals: well even MS doesn't have faith anymore in the Kinect because after claiming it's "impossible" to remove the Kinect, here they are getting rid of it.

ats19922507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

@ Summons Umm no the Halo 1-4 Hd collection has not been confirmed and lets see what you have to say about the sony's ps4 exclusives
Knack, Infamous second son, and Killzone Shadowfall ill wait.

Donnyskillz2507d ago

lmaooooooo your still waiting i see, im waiting to see what summons or simmons or whatever his name is come back with something....i know he wont....idiot

xDHAV0K24x2507d ago

You mean the SAME way they did at E3 last year???

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