E3 2014 App Live on PS4, Download Now

It’s almost time for E3, arguably the gaming industry’s biggest annual event. E3 is one of my favorite conferences of the year, but unfortunately it’s not a show most of our fans can attend. This year we thought we’d make it a little easier to get a taste of the experience with our new E3 2014 app on PS4.

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ZodTheRipper2511d ago

"Through this app you’ll be able to watch our E3 press conference live"

YES they did it, great stuff. Now I can download this an delete my E3 bookmarks (of course I won't in case something doesn't work) :D

user14394142511d ago

This is amazing news, I cant wait to watch E3. XoXoXo

PeaSFor2511d ago

Its US only, BOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo ...urns!!!

ZodTheRipper2511d ago

^You can download it with a US account, that's what I just did ;)
It's an extremely well made app, props to Sony for developing something like this just for E3. They are even giving away Sony Rewards points for using it!

Destrania2511d ago

Mr. Burns: Are you saying boo or boo-urns? Crowd: Boo! Moleman: I was saying boo-urns...


JoGam2511d ago

Exactly. Always have a plan B.

GTgamer2511d ago

Is their a App for the PS3 to watch E3?

Skate-AK2511d ago

No. I think they will show it on the Live Concerts app for PS3. That's what they dd last year.

fenome2510d ago

Check the Live Events Viewer app, I'm sure they'll have it on there.

GTgamer2510d ago

^^^^^ thanks guys +helplful

FamilyGuy2510d ago

I'm s glad they made an app, it should be a better quality stream in both stability and resolution because of it. Plus all the after show extra that we can check out with it sound great. Every year I switch between site after site after site just to find the best stream, hopefully this app is the one.

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redblack2511d ago

not yet available for Europe

Idba2511d ago

Yo can watch all the e3 conferences on the IGN PS4 app

iceman062511d ago

The conferences will also be live on Twitch and Ustream.

AceBlazer132511d ago

Oh hell yh. Thank you Sony. I thought I'd have to switch back to my ps3 to view the stream. Thanks for the convenience.

Speak_da_Truth2511d ago

I'll be watching the conference while in a party chat with my friends thank you Sony I'm HYPE!!!!!!!!!

Nine_Thousaaandd2511d ago

Damn...Sony prep'in to spank that ass! Movie theaters, more booths, possibly up to 100 games if not more by Monday, and now a PS4 app!

Geez, they are on a roll...incoming possibly one of the greatest E3's ever!

Akuma2K2510d ago is making sure everybody has as much access to see E3 as much as possible, i downloaded the E3 app and i'm ready to go.

I'm hoping to the return of 2K football with NFL2K15 from 2K sports, it's been rumored that 2K will be making a football game announcement.....mam oh man i can hardly wait, finally a true next gen football game.

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The story is too old to be commented.