Pulp 365's Sony E3 Predictions

The PS4 is selling like hotcakes (however well those allegedly sell), the Vita… well the important thing is that the updated, slimmer version has launched in the major territories. Now that consumers are well armed with consoles, it is time for Sony to make a blitzkrieg on the games front; they need to reveal all the biggest titles they can, and keep the hype train steaming. They have a lot of teased projects under their hat, making specific predictions for their 2014 E3 press conference difficult. Perhaps Shuhei Yoshida will pull out his comfy armchair from Gamescom and demo The Last Guardian for an adoring audience (we can only dream, folks).

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0P-Tigrex2510d ago

PS Now business model, Project morpheus, PS VITA and PS3 price cuts. PS4 multi plats and exclusives. that's E3.

ifistbrowni2510d ago

I just want TLOU ps4 june release date. That will make me an even happier ps4 owner.

I'm hoping the June 13 release date turns out to be true (even though Game already said it was a mistake).

showtimefolks2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

a June 2014 date, i am 99.9% sure

emad-E-three2510d ago

Actually Sony confirmed to IGN it will not be June 13th, something tells me August 13th but who knows the sooner the better I guess :)

ifistbrowni2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I know they're claiming it's a mistake. Of course, if it was suppose to be a surprise release date (June 13th) they're going to deny it when it "leaks." It would ruin the surprise to just be like, "yep, you got us. We've been keeping TLOU release date a secret for the past 3 months just to confirm it randomly after someone leaked it."

If it releases in August, as excited as I am for the re-release, I cannot justify spending $65 on a re-release of a game that i already played the crap out of on ps3 with other games like Destiny releasing soon after.

In a perfect world, i would be able to buy both within such a short release window. But, if i could not, i would definitely choose the "new" game over a re-release. Therefore, i believe The Last of Us NEEDS a June (or early July) release date so people like me have more incentive to buy it twice (since there is a game drought on the horizon).

showtimefolks2510d ago

a GTA of some sort on ps4 and possibly on Vita(Vita title being funded by sony). I read somewhere as a rumor that GTA5 could be a timed exclusive to ps4

Last Guardian will be there

Project Beast

no way on stage demo for Uncharted 4, a 3 or so minute trailer

new MGS trailer will be show at sony's stage

NBA 2k15

these 3rd party titles will make an appearance whether on stage or via a gameplay trailer

sony will drop atleast 2 bombshells

a new God of war game or a game from sony santa monica will be teased

GOW ultimate collection coming to ps4
The last of us coming to ps4

expect few more remasters for ps4

Aussiebeachbabe2510d ago

8 booths packed full of gamers. Vr games, ps3,ps4 and vita games on show.

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