The Golf Club is headed to PlayStation 4

The Golf Club gets announced as a summer release for the PlayStation 4.

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XiSasukeUchiha2511d ago

Cool, more indies definitely equal more games really equal more diverse experiences.

WeAreLegion2511d ago

We don't know. We're all still trying to figure him out. It's a site-wide study.

geddesmond2510d ago

True but it also equals a whole bunch of crap indie games too. Some that look like PS2 games and get advertised as PS4 games. Apparently you can go so far back in time and make a game that has matchstick men as characters and is a side scrooler game, charge 15 euros for it and call it a PS4 game lol.

Neonridr2511d ago

Is this game not releasing for the XB1 at the same time?

tlschwerz2511d ago

It doesn't look to be that way, but could be that it was only reported for PS4 as it was their blog

harrisk9542511d ago

It is listed as a multi-platform release -- PS4, XB1 and Steam -- on the developer's website. Perhaps it is a timed exclusive? Or, just co-marketing with Sony.

itBourne2511d ago

Whenever I was looking into this game a few months back the devs did not mention anything about X1. Only mention of ps4.

3-4-52511d ago

It's early access on Steam right now. Endless replay value with course creator.

Neonridr2511d ago

It definitely is coming for PC, XB1 and PS4. I agree that they only reported news on the PS4 version because it was their own blog.

JOEgolferG2511d ago

1. This game is a multiplat
2. I have been following this game since the forum's first went up.
3. It's my most anticipated game.
4. I love golf lol hence the name.

DonDon2511d ago

Will it use PS4 camera and PS Move to let us swing? That John Daly golf game on ps3 let us do that.

JOEgolferG2510d ago

Not on release but it is something they are looking at for the future.

k3rn3ll2511d ago

First I've heard of this game. Which is odd cuz im a golf game fan. But glad to see it will most likely be on xbox

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The story is too old to be commented.