Why E3 Still Matters

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece which states why E3 still matters to them and others in the industry despite some who would say that it is fading and no longer needed.

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ktype22133d ago

There are reasons why press conferences and ground events are still being held, and I'd have to agree with your points. And also, some things need to be felt and experienced. Being there during announcements at conventions, or hearing about a certain news straight from a publisher is still something--and it's going to be different for every people. And reactions can also be a story or part of it.. And I guess it also pays to get a real feel of your potential players during the event from the dev or publisher side.

Garethvk2133d ago

Exactly. I can honestly do more business in 5-10 minutes than I can with countless e mails and calls. I had a rep leave years ago and as such I did not have one for said company. I called, e mailed, and such and never had much luck getting a stable one. I went to see them at PAX, got the head of PR and boom things go as they should now. Same with other companies. When I started going online from doing papers and local radio it was so new that some companies embraced you. Then it became so easy to make a site with the advances in software that it became ok what is your Alexa ranking. Well that does not always work and often tells a very small picture especially if you do multiple media sources. So that few minutes of face to face time is key to showing that you are a professional and allows you to forge relationships many of which endure even when the people move on to other companies. I do not want a sterile and safe press release and controlled gameplay video being all I have to go on. I want to see it myself and if possible play it. I want to ask questions in person.

ktype22133d ago

That's true. And it's also true that it might have been easier today to get in touch with different companies (in all kinds of industry), but it still is different when you hold a meeting with them. It's easier to get a feel on how to approach a certain topic, discuss a certain point, or raise a question on the spot. When you do these things online, it becomes too mechanical at some point that it will soon reflect on the kind of news you'll be getting and releasing. You don't want to sound like any other people who received a press release.

Garethvk2133d ago

I have reps who tell me that they only check e mails at certain times as so many come in and they say ok, I have 30 min what I do not get to know waits and you can guess how many come in on top of that while you wait. If you get them on the wrong day, they can simply be clearing the in box as they do not reply if it is not vital to them. I have had some tell me the best days to reach them and to use social nets, others have said make a reference to what we talked about at a show so the filter ignores it and it is bumped up.