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CraveOnline: "Games that afford the player ghostly powers can be extremely compelling on paper. Remember Geist? Good times. The game was an interesting yet flawed account of a counter-terrorism scientist who was forcefully removed from his body, and thus granted spectral, supernatural powers of possession. It was a cool idea, but I remember feeling as though there wasn’t quite enough interesting gameplay to sell the whole “ghost” mechanic effectively, nevermind offer a single-player campaign that stayed interesting once your play-clock reached double digits. In a lot of ways, Murdered: Soul Suspect falls into similar traps: some less problematic, but others far more severe."

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Wedge192502d ago

Story is very compelling, but the game kinda... meh.

insertcoin2502d ago

Wish that it had more game elements to it.

mdluffy2502d ago

The story is the best part of the game, the game itself is crap. They could just have turned it into a movie.

Summons752502d ago

Ouch, this game got a lot of Hype too but so far very mixed reviews. How about people who played it, what do you think?

noxeven2502d ago

I loved this game,almost 100% it on 360 only issue i had was i missed some ghost story items and when i went back to get them they were no where to be found even with the video guide i was using. I wasn't sure if it was missable or what but I will assume at this point it was. Some of the collect ables like the memories for his wife were so annoying to find. I was missing like 3 at the end but just couldn't find it. I just know that those that had the premium addition had an easier time with map that i guess tracked what u got. Overall would buy the sequel if they made it/

SPAM-FRITTER-1232501d ago

Loving the game so far. I've just left from speaking to Joy in the church near the begining. I have been searching every nook and cranny for the ghost story items. i might go back to Ronans crime scene and the apartments to see if i have missed anything as i dont want to come back later and find they have gone.

These kinda games get low scores due to not being a AAA title but still have the entertainment and fresh ideas of some of the best devs around.

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