PS4 ICE Team: Developers Pre-Decides on FPS Not Resolution, "Line In Sand That Doesn't Get Crossed"

According to Cort Stratton, Senior Programmer on Sony's ICE team, most developers the frame rate target is the fixed point in game development process against which all other performance decisions are made i.e If development team target is 30 fps, then cuts in all corners are made hit 30 fps as consistently as possible

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XiSasukeUchiha2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I heard Phil say something completely different from this, but I don't know what to believe right now!

I'm waiting for comments in this article to overflow, I'm watching this one who wants popcorn I just made it and it's fresh too.

P.S. This one sounds more convince than Phil on this one this morning I know this one doesn't 1080p/60fps but it's still same even if the article doesn't exactly said the
same words!

Edit: Forget 1 and 3 verse but remember the second always the second:)

sam_job2506d ago

he basically says for all the games he worked on the frame rate target is the fixed point against which all other performance decisions are made but personally he prefers higher resolution than FPS.

Army_of_Darkness2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

That's a little insulting for him to say that the average gamer can't tell the difference between 720p to 1080p even when placed side by side?! Oh please, most of us can tell the difference easily , especially with screens 46" and higher.

alexkoepp2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Honestly I think tomb raider proves these guys don't know what the #### they are talking about.

Agree with army though, you can tell in a aide by side easily. If you showed one after the other, or just asked, what resolution is this, that's a little more believable.

johndoe112112506d ago

Hey Alex, I have a hundred bucks that says you didn't read the article and thought that the comment was made by Cort Stratton.

O.T. Anyone can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. I don't know why that guy said that or what his motive was but I highly doubt that Cort Stratton would have agreed with that statement.

zeuanimals2506d ago


Wow, I actually agree with you... Atleast on your second one, and I don't think you even agree with yourself since you think upscaled to 1080p is the same as 1080p.

alexkoepp + 171d ago
Actually every game on my Xbox One comes out as 1080p...

You just go into your console settings and choose 1080p as your output resolution. Tada! All games in 1080p!

But seriously, bad comment by Barry Sandrew, but Cort Stratton didn't say anything dumb. Statton said devs tend to strive for a certain framerate and build things around that, including resolution... I'm pretty sure I've heard plenty of devs say that's one of the first things they decide on.

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GameDev12506d ago

Did that Barry Sandrew guy say if you put 720p and 1080p side by side, you won't be able to tell the difference??

PS4OUR2506d ago

With all due respect to Barry Sandrew but that is just plain stupid.

720p vs 1080p is such an obvious difference in resolution. Anyone claiming otherwise needs to see an optometrist

uth112506d ago

He said "the average consumer" can't

I believe he's right. Especially on a TV from several feet away..

GameDev12506d ago

If the average consumer can't they would need to wonder why they just paid a higher price for a higher resolution tv than just take the one with low price and low resolution since they make no difference.

And from far away depending on your eye sight, one would clearly look brighter. I mean you clearly see the difference when shopping for TVs

M1ST4K32506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I don't believe he means "doesn't notice". I think he means "the average consumer doesn't care...".

I recall playing GTA 4 in my cousins PS3 and saying "damn, those are some annoying jaggies!" and he was like "what!? what's that?"... Then I said: "Look at that bridge over there... it's not a straight diagonal line, more like a bunch of squares". He said "Oh, never noticed it... now that you mention it!".
A couple of hours later was saying: "Man, now you made me notice the jaggies!! I see them everywhere!"

TL;DR: Average gamer is much more gameplay focused, I guess.

EDIT: And btw, I think Anti-Aliasing is very important in that regard and people generally overlook it in comparison to resolution. My computer is not the best one so I have to make sacrifices... generally I prefer 900p with 2x MSAA than pure 1080p without MSAA.
But then again, that's why I bought a ps4... my PC is not a gamimg machine

uth112506d ago

Do you know how many "average" consumers I saw upgrade to HD TVs, and still continue to only watch SD channels, not even fixing the aspect (bc they'd rather fill the screen with a distorted image than see black bars on the side)

Plasma lost the flatscreen war because for the average consumer the best picture possible isn't the top priority.

I could go on, but suffice it to say.. he's right

TOTSUKO2506d ago

I agree. A person who plays video games not too often wouldn't care or notice.

But a guy like me who can't remember when the last time I had a day without video games will notice.

To me, resolution makes a difference in video games because I feel like game renders differently. I hated how a lot of ps3/xbox360 games were either blurry or jaggy. I don't really care if the graphics were realistic or not, I just want my graphics with clarity and be appealing.

However I do sometimes experience some games that are 720 being more clear than 1080. Maybe due to the fact extra resources were allocated? If it is that situation than I would not complain.

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7772506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

The ICE team is awesome! i like these guys!

Edit: damn! i gotten disagrees because i said i like the ICE team? such ignorance here on N4G.

Walker2506d ago

haters gonna hate buddy

Qrphe2506d ago

People disagree with your taste, nothing wrong with disagreement, it won't kill you. Disagreeing witb you doesn't make them ignorant either.

MasterCornholio2506d ago

No one likes playing a game where the framerate dips into the teens.

Am I right?

rdgneoz32506d ago

Oh the joys of Blighttown.

torchic2506d ago

man that was bad. so bad I stopped playing the game til I heard there was a back entrance via Valley of Drakes.

Crysis 2 PS3 version sucked as well.

M1ST4K32506d ago

And the scary amount of prism stones in every fight club... mmmmh delicious fps :D

brotherlymoses2506d ago

So,some Dev from naught dogs says 720p is the minimum, but anything above that isn't that big of a this guy says that you really can't see a difference from 720p and 1080p? Who should I believe Sony's PR team or Sony's DEVs? hmmm...turns out all the whole "superior" looking games on ps4 is bullshit. They might look a little better than xbone, but still nothing like PC vs console.

KwietStorm_BLM2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Something is either "superior" or it's not. It can't be superior bullshit. Superior doesn't have to mean I reign inconceivable might and magic from the heavens above. It just means higher caliber than it's nearest comparative variable. And every time someone brings up PC vs console, another games gets delayed.

M1ST4K32506d ago

Honestly? I think resolution is being used as a fake superiority... As they say, the difference is not THAT big (it's there, definitely and bare 720p to 1080p is very noticeable... but don't forget AA! It makes 720p a lot like bare 900p-ish).

Don't forget that PS4 has been using some effects that the Xbox One didn't (Ambient Occlusion, etc - I remember Watch_Dogs, at least) and that's a much more noticeable difference, IMO.

Not that I really care... I just don't give a fluck about console wars. No gamer in it's perfect mind state would stop buying a good game because of a couple of pixels / post-processing effects. We're here for the games, let's not forget :)

Moe-Gunz2506d ago

The "average consumer" can't tell the difference.

zeuanimals2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Did you read the article? The Dev from Naughty Dog didn't say that. All he said was devs choose a certain framerate and build up from there.

All from the article:

In the same interview, Barry Sandrew was asked whether or not an average gamer will able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p? he replied with a BIG NO.

"In a side-by-side comparison, I don’t believe the average consumer can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p"

Barry Sandrew, PhD, a digital imaging expert who is the founder, chief technology officer and chief creative officer of Legend3D, a well-known stereoscopic 3D and visual effects firm.

Not from the article:

Barry Sandrew isn't from Naughty Dog or the ICE Team, he's not even in video games. He's known for converting movies into 3D... So yeah, apparently people care more about 3D than resolution to this guy.

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