Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition announced

EA Sports announced that Madden 15 will release with an Ultimate Edition focusing on the Ultimate Team game mode. The Ultimate Edition comes stacked with extras!

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XiSasukeUchiha2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Ultimate edition NFL 15 ok!?

Antnee5342502d ago

Hey sasuke hows the new power up and new eye working out for you. The last I checked you were falling into a pit of lava, so how do you have the time to get on n4g and comment?

Akuma2K2503d ago

Another worthless gimmick by EA to sell the game, while still not improving the gameplay.

tlschwerz2502d ago

Though the game looks much improved on its own, Ultimate Team has become one of the most successful game modes of the last 10 years...

d0r1en02503d ago

Since they're "Pro" packs, who knows how good they will be. But $10 isn't bad for the content if you actually play MUT. I went with the anniversary edition last year, for the Sunday ticket broadband, & that came with MUT packs as well. 1st year playing MUT, & it was actually fun. Until you go up against people who have clearly put some serious cash in to their team. It being "only" $10 more this MIGHT be something I'd look into. If rather pay the extra $40 for the Sunday ticket though, since I'm still out of market for my Chargers, & don't plan on getting DTV any time soon.

MonstaTruk2502d ago

So now it's a "bargain" because they charge you a little bit more than full price for more content than a lot more via microtransactions? No thanks, I'll pass. Let's see what NFL 2K15 is doing this year...

Psychotica2502d ago

I was hoping the standard addition wouldn't include all the extra crap I don't want at a cheaper price. All I want is to pick my team and select new season, like it used to be...

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