Best Sony E3 Moments: PS4 No DRM, Original PlayStation, and Much More

E3 week is just a few days away; and with it, the usual host of surprises and megatons associated with videogame-dom’s “Super Bowl.” To mark this year’s special event, we’ve compiled the top 10 best E3 moments from Sony.

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Wedge192501d ago

Excellent moments. I highly agree with every one of them!

MasterCornholio2501d ago

The no DRM announcement was the bomb.


knifefight2501d ago

It's like everyone joined hands and sang "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" after that happened. Amazing.

Pillsbury12501d ago

It was awesome the energy from last years e3 with the crowd roaring when they announced the price and no DRM. Sony has always looked out for the gamer.

MasterCornholio2501d ago

Of course they do and thats because they want us to be loyal customers.

Treating your customers well to gain their loyalty is a great way to make money in my opinion.

Pillsbury12501d ago

I agree that's why I have been throwing my money at them since ps1.

IWasHere2501d ago

So manyy great moments.
DRM last year and price for PS4 are LEGENDARY but don't forget that epic trailer of Metal Gear Solid 2 on E3 2000.

leemo192501d ago

What happen last year at E3 was great, but Kevin Butler speech I think was the best E3 moment for me.

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