Women at E3 - A Rare Spawn

Stephanie Downes of SpawnFirst believes women should have better representation at E3.

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Metamorph931596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Blah, blah, blah. So tired of gender related articles. Maybe the reason why you don't see women being interviewed on TV as a PR Manager and such is because the ones that work for companies aren't skilled enough. Microsoft, Sony, etc all have females in PR. Females attend E3 all the time, dressed in business formal and casual. It's not just "booth babes."

It's articles like this that make people think gender is a problem when it's not. I really wish people would stop trying to get hits on their sites by making stupid articles about "sexism in gaming." As long as the media keeps making it out like it's a problem, it's going to seem like a problem. Aricles like this just need to stop. I'm a female, and I don't go writing lame articles like this because it's not true.

Want to know where the majority of girl gamers reside? Phones. About 85% of the female gaming population plays on their mobile device. Most girls don't play games on PC and consoles. Does that mean companies are sexist and no company will ever hire a girl? No. It means most girls just don't have an interest in a particular section/genre of gaming.

To be in PR, you have to really like games, be really good at selling a product, and have a lot of knowledge for the industry. The reason why you don't see females on TV is because they most likely don't have enough experience under their belt. Btw Nintendo has a female Vice President, Edie Kissko, who married IGN editor Matt Casamassina. Was a pretty big thing back when it happened. Also, just googling "female at E3," of course, isn't going to get you a female PR Manager. You think googling "male at E3" is just going to pop up Phil Spencer, Shuhei Yoshida, etc? Lol.

jessupj1595d ago

Well said. We need more good females to call out this feminist rhetoric. Because when I do it, I get called a misogynist.

I don't know how many times it needs to be said. Equality of opportunity will not automatically equate to equality of outcome.

As long as there is no discrimination and people are getting hired based of their skills there is nothing that needs to change.

Why do we need to focus of what's between people's legs? Why do we need more women? Why can't we just hire people based on their skills and experience?

As long as we hae competent people in the industry what's the problem?

jeeves861595d ago

"As long as the media keeps making it out like it's a problem, it's going to seem like a problem." That's because it is a problem.

Kind of sad - some of the points you make are pretty good, then others are just ridiculously stupid. Doesn't matter if you're a female, if you don't experience this kind of thing, it is invisible to you. The article discusses previous incidents of sexism and misogyny at E3, directed towards journalists. E3 can be an uncomfortable place for women - are they just supposed to get over it?

Here's hoping that 2014 is better.

pompombrum1595d ago

For lulz, could we one year replace booth babes with booth hunks and have them wearing as little as possible? No homo but the drama would be hilarious.

Applejack1595d ago

Society isn't ready for that kind of "equality" but I would die laughing at the reactions too.

pompombrum1595d ago

I haven't laughed that hard all year rofl

TheoreticalParticle1595d ago

The MMO Auto Assault had dudes in loin cloths doing fire dances. This was a while ago. It happens.

Applejack1595d ago

We got E3 reveals, Project Morpheus demo tonight on Jimmy Fallon, and a KH2 HD release date. That's enough news for me.

Metamorph931595d ago

I believe he was saying that for the site that created this article.

BuddyAcker1595d ago

No actually, we had a pretty good news day. I see this comment popping up on the internet a lot, usually from idiots who don't realize that opinion editorials are not news, and that seems to be the case here as well. Op eds are just as important as news is on a site. A site could have the best news day it's ever had. 145 new Triple-A games could be released and the site could explode. Op eds and features are still going to go up. That's just how things work. Do some research next time.

Soldierone1595d ago

Has this person attended E3 in proper fashion? Almost every single appointment I make with PR reps are women. Sony, Activision (And she really knows her stuff!), Konami (Another great rep!), etc.... they are all women. None are dressed like sluts or anything, and all are formal. When you need information or appointments, you go ask them.

It's normally guys hired on the spot that know absolutely nothing at E3. Last year we had a "PR Guide" and he was reading from a booklet, and when asked about it he goes "I don't know"

Sony themselves may not have a female speaker at E3, but I've seen some game developers bring female speakers on their stage, no problem.

Also I know many female journalists that attend as well. I don't see what gender has to do with it?

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