E3 Announcements That Could Save Nintendo

It's no secret that the Wii U has had a shaky start in life. Mario Kart 8 is sure to have provided a boost in sales but it isn't quite what Nintendo need to bring the Wii U up to pace with the Xbox One and PS4. With 5 months left until the holiday season and with E3 just around the corner, there is a big opening for Nintendo to pull a rabbit out of a hat. So the question is, what are some things that Nintendo could announce at E3 that could turn things around for the Wii U?

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buffalo10662507d ago

An open world pokemon game would be a serious money maker for them!

pompombrum2507d ago

Was about to suggest something similar. If Nintendo started developing a Wii U exclusive Pokemon MMO, they'd get so much interest. For me personally and pretty much all my gaming friends, Nintendo isn't even on our radar anymore, a Pokemon MMO would certainly change that.

AnotherGamer1172506d ago

For me a Pokemon game that included all the regions and all the pokemon.

You should be able to travel freely, and face off against the different regions gyms/elite four/etc...

That doesn't have to be a MMO - but a massive world like that would certainly force me to get a Wii U - my kids go would nuts if they built it.

avengers19782506d ago

I know I'm gonna get some hate for this, but... I don't see Nintendo every doing a Pokemon MMO, I just don't think there network is there yet, I don't see them being able to handle that... And an open world Pokemon game could happen, but I think the Wii U is a tad under powered for that type of game... At least the way that the fans would want it anyway.

In all reality I think Wii U struggling is a great thing, because I feel that Nintendo will come out with a real powerhouse console next, with a focus on online, with a better friends list, trophies/achievements, and will be able to keep the Nintendo classics everyone wants, gain third party support, and add new exclusive Nintendo IPS that will reinvigorate peoples love of Nintendo(The one time King of all gaming)

greenlantern28142506d ago

I agree that the wiiu struggles will make Nintendo work harder to get back on top. Also think they kinda of needed it much like sony after the success of ps2 they just excepted to sell tons of systems.

mushroomwig2507d ago

That title is such sensationalism. Nintendo need saving now?

NerdBurglars2507d ago

financially no they dont but the wii u is not in a good place at all

KonsoruMasuta2507d ago

Then shouldn't "WiiU" replace "Nintendo"?

ricochetmg2506d ago

Dude you are delusional if you can't see this failure the wii u is.

randomass1712506d ago

He was talking about Nintendo, not Wii U. And I don't see the Wii U as a failure. It has fun games I want to play. So I bought one. If that's delusion then I hope mine are of grandeur.

thehobbyist2506d ago

Yes, the failure of the Wii U that has begun to turn a profit. If you posted that comment a year ago maybe it would've been true but now it's just blatant fanboy ignorance.

ricochetmg2505d ago

Ps4 and xbox one outsold it in a matter of months with a year head start which makes it a failure.

avengers19782506d ago

First if Nintendo can keep there sales up from the Mario kart 8 bump, than they will actually be fine with the Wii U. If sales fall flat again after the MK8 bump then maybe they need something, but smashbros is on the way, along with X, probably a new Metriod, and Zelda, then Really Nintendo could be in really good shape, I can see 40 million consoles sold, and that ain't to bad.

ricochetmg2505d ago

I will buy another wii U when X comes out. I want that game and another monster hunter.

mikel10152507d ago

I'm pretty sure achievements wouldn't do jack to save Nintendo

NerdBurglars2507d ago

on their own no they wouldnt but they would definitely contribute to making it more popular with gamers who like achievement systems

fatneal2507d ago

hahaha the same nintendo articles get uploaded everyday

RPGrinder2507d ago

nintendo does not need saving

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