N4G June Contest Details: The $400 Comment Lottery

All the N4G monthly contests for the month of June - and prizes including a $400 Amazon gift card toward the system of your choice!

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Software_Lover1598d ago

May the best person win, and not the best spammer!!!

user14394141598d ago

I hope I can win :) I love Amazon and N4G. XoXoXoXo

Crazyglues1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Yeah Amazon and N4G prize go together like Peanut butter and Jelly...LoL

The Two just seem to be made for each other..

||.........___||............ ||

mushroomwig1598d ago

That's...actually pretty incredible.

Dlacy13g1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Love the idea...and hate the idea as I fear we just are going to get spammed with a bunch of 1 word comments in every article.

Edit: well at least they are addressing the 1 word comment in the rules but I still fear the quality of conversation could go south (more than it already does these days).

Cat1598d ago

We have a comment lottery every month, so it should be on par :D (for example, you already survived )

Software_Lover1598d ago

So how does it work? Do you really just randomly pick a comment or does a computer spit out something? I'm really interested to know?

Cat1598d ago

We have something that spits out a user at the end of the month, then I just check for things that affect qualification.

fatneal1598d ago

$400 dollar amazon giftcard...cmon daddy needs a new shakeweight!

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The story is too old to be commented.