Check out the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme played on an NES keytar

One guy made an instrument out of an old NES, and it still plays the games. He used it to play the Game of Thrones theme.

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Tolkoto2501d ago

I don't watch Game of Thrones, but that keytar is awesome.

Sadie21002501d ago

This is the ultimate nerd thing ever.

darkronin2292501d ago

The laser and the fog machine are a nice touch.

Milesprowers2501d ago

How dare thee sacrifice an innocent NES console to play a crappy TV tune.

Transporter472501d ago

You must be one of those people that have better taste in music then everybody else.

Milesprowers2501d ago

The theme from LOZ on the NES is better.

FamilyGuy2501d ago

What sacrifice? This article&video states in the very beginning that the nes is still fully functional.

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