The Best External Hard Drives For Your Xbox One

The Xbox One got an update on June 3rd which added, among other things, external storage. Unlike the Playstation 4's option to upgrade the console's internal storage that we covered previously, the Xbox One will be relying on external USB3 hard drives for expansion.

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incendy351597d ago

I used the Samsung 840 EVO 500GB SSD Drive. Loading times are so good! I am going to try and compare it to a 7200 hdd this weekend to see if there are any differences.

colt-of-tipton1597d ago

Im after the same SSD , but the cheapest I can get it for is £180 in UK but for £105 I could get a Seagate 4tb HDD still tempted with the SSD though :)

Septic1597d ago

Nice! Let us know how you get along.

kewlkat0071597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Nice is there a 1tb version of that drive?

Those it is probably cheaper to go with an old school 4tb in the long run

JonnyBigBoss1597d ago

Thanks for the recommendations. I personally use Crucial, but Samsung is really good too.

Belasco1597d ago

Damn, SSD is still hideously expensive for a limited amount of space.

kingPoS1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I'm all for SSD's, unfortunately though, they still have a high per gigabyte cost. SDD like this compared to... and... simply cost too much for what space you get.

Gateway MT6706 2008

keegamer801597d ago

I'm thinking a 3tb should be sufficient. I just wish I had faster internet. (6mbps down 1.5 mbps up)

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