EA reveals E3 2014 lineup

CVG writes:

Electronic Arts has revealed its lineup for E3 2014, laying out the titles press and industry figures can see and play at the conference.

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Starbucks_Fan2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Can't wait to see Battlefront

guitarded772506d ago

Probably... My most anticipated game so far.

rdgneoz32506d ago

Probably 2015. You figure Hardline this year, then next year Battlefront. Then they'll rotate each year.

k3rn3ll2506d ago

And titanfall. S o they will rotate every 3 years. That is what ea said previously

alexkoepp2506d ago

Microsoft probably bought Battlefront exclusivity, what's why it isn't in this lineup, probably will shown in MS conference.

SilentNegotiator2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

"Microsoft probably bought Battlefront exclusivity"

I would literally have to kill someone if that happened.*

*I'm not a murderer. It's called being facetious.

USA0072506d ago


The article says the publisher will offer a look at DICE's new projects including Mirror's Edge. Battlefront will be there, and not an ms exclusive.

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Gozer2506d ago

They actually don't mention Battlefront in this story. They do mention Mirrors Edge 2, and kind of imply that DICE is working on it. I hope this doesnt mean there wont be any Battlefront footage at E3. Because I am super hyped about Battlefront.

Randostar2506d ago

I think there gonna surprise people with gameplay at the end of their Press Conference.

CaptainFaisal2506d ago

They will show battlefront 3 gameplay footage at ea confrence

showtimefolks2506d ago

i kind of like EA press conferences, they always tell you up front we are here to show you X number of games and than all they do is show games

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Eldyraen2506d ago

Dragons Age for me is the biggest game from EA this time around. I hope they do a live gameplay on stage as the longest and best actual videos of someone playing the game are quite old and not of great quality. I have seen a tactical/DA:O like control mode once but never found it again (looked good though) and the more action oriented gameplay they usually show looks better than 2 as well.

Mirror's Edge though is my most anticipated to be shown as loved the first and trailer last year was not near enough.

I'm still hoping they are keeping other games quiet though (Mass Effect and Battlefront are 2 games that challenge my excitement for DA and ME2).

qu1ckset2506d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition looks like it's going to be the game to hold over my RPG needs till Witcher 3 Comes out next Feb, because bungie/activisions Destiny looks pretty snooze fest after the last demo they showed off!

Dying to see the next Mass effect and Battlefront 3

Battlefield: Hardline should be fun, doesn't look like it's going to blow me away but it should last till the next big fps comes out!

starchild2506d ago

Yeah, Dragon Age Inquisition is my game to hold me over until The Witcher 3 comes out. But I'm also super excited for Mirror's Edge 2, Battlefront and the next Mass Effect.

fenome2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Here's a vid from PAX Prime that shows the tactical view, it shows it at the 4:30, 6:40 and 8:18 marks :)

Eldyraen2506d ago

Thanks--think it is the same video actually that I had 'lost' :)

I'm looking forward to better quality videos though as this is what showed what works but not as pretty as it could had been (direct feed or simply top notch off camera like much of e3 will also show).

Plagasx2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Mirror's Edge and Battlefront is all I care about but it's doubtful they'll show both.. :/

TheFutureIsBlue2506d ago

I think everyone is foaming at the mouth to see more Battlefront after that teaser at last E3 lol.

jnemesh2506d ago

Oooh! Look at all of the EA games I won't be buying!

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