Mario Kart 8 is not as good as Angry Birds Go!, and here's why...

"I've created a factually accurate three and a half minute long video for you, so that we clear this matter up once and for all.

If you still think Mario Kart 8 is anywhere near as good as Angry Birds Go! after that then, well, I'll eat my hat."

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RankFTW2506d ago

You're correct, it is a joke.

Chrischi19882506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Hahahahahaha, oh... the author is serious...

What a joke this video is^^ Who wants to play a fat dude in its costume? But playing a fat brid is ok and fun?

All he bases it of, is that there is a similar game for a tablet... Like there are no Call of Duty clones for smartphones^^ Should we stop playing ego shooters because of this?

Metallox2506d ago

Says the iPad gamer. By the way,
no buttons, no way that I can consider this "Angry Birds Go!" better than anything with a standard controller.

RankFTW2506d ago

I'm glad somebody else did.

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The story is too old to be commented.