Gamers surprised that Crytek is developing 'Homefront: The Revolution'

Crytek official announcement that they are developing 'Homefront: The Revolution' has impressed many gamers while pundits in media are surprised that this squeal was even considered. The details have critics attention but they are still wondering why make a sequel to 'Homefront'.

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stanr2506d ago

Is anyone surprised that a Homefront sequel is in the works? I was asking why but Im whiling to give it a chance since Crytek is a reliable developer.

SirBillyBones2506d ago

They're really not. They butchered the Crysis franchise with lacklustre campaigns and broken multiplayer. They are notoriously style over substance.

JohnJ2506d ago

Have you played ryse?

dcj05242505d ago

I see you never heard of CRYSIS Wars.

2506d ago
Finch2506d ago

I love crytek's game art, but they just don't have that game play and net code down to a science yet. Yet I am glad to see another home front and to be honest I am glad to see crytek making it. I know it will look great. Just got to hope they growing on the other.

Mrtemper2506d ago

COD stole kill confirmed from Crysis so they must be doing something right and I can't seem to remember what Crytek called the mode. But to be honest I would rather a Frontlines:Fuels of War sequel.

I wonder who owns the rights to that?

KennersEd2505d ago

Ever play Timesplitters? 2 and Future Perfect had a game mode called "Thief"
Where killed players dropped a coin upon death and you didn't get any score until you picked up the coin they dropped....I think that could of been where 'that' mode started....

BattleReach2506d ago

I think it's just weird this game has no multiplayer, since it is a modern (and modern day) shooter.

Clown_Syndr0me2506d ago

I really enjoyed the first games campaign so bring it on.

Agent_hitman2506d ago

When I watched the trailer of this game on YT, I felt like I'm watching Infamous: Second son lol...

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