Sony’s PS Vita Exclusives Freedom Wars and Oreshika 2′s Gameplay Videos Show Boss Battles and More

The PlayStation’s Summer Fireworks livestream event on Nico Nico just ended, and quite a lot of PS Vita gameplay was showcased during the broadcast.

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NewMonday2501d ago

absolutely love the art in Oreshika 2

developers need to remember the value of art and not get carried away be photo-realism, the sense of art is attracting me to games like Child of Light and Quantum Break.

feraldrgn2501d ago

PSVita getting great support.
The library just gets bigger & bigger.

Drithe2501d ago

This looks like a fantastic game. Why don't they put this on TV consoles? Because they want to sell Vitas I suppose.

Whxian2501d ago

obviously each console needs exclusivs to sell so yes + such games suit handheld better, and japanese players prefer to play on handheld

dafegamer2501d ago

damn oreshika looks fuc*ing awesome.
Hyped for sure