Nintendo make 130 Staff leisured

Nintendo Europe is laying off a hundred thirty members of employees as a part of a big reorganization that may conjointly see its Großostheim premises in Deutschland shut.

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mushroomwig2507d ago

That's awful, I hope they manage to find work somewhere soon.

fatneal2507d ago

future endeavored by the big N...that sucks

WiiUsauce2507d ago

That sucks. Good thing it wasn't like Sony when they laid off 5000 employees a few months back.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2507d ago

Wtf are you talking about when was 5000 people laid off ? You're talking about the 200 people from Santa Monica Studios which is one of the biggest studios in the world and still is one of the biggest studios in the world ?

WiiUsauce2506d ago The Playstation division is doing well, but Sony as a whole is going through rough times.

LOL_WUT2507d ago

I thought Iwatas pay cuts prevented stuff like this from happening? Guess thats not the case sucks for those who where affected. ;)

Ck1x2507d ago

If I could take a pay cut that would ban you from posting on Nintendo related articles, I would!
There's being critical for legitimate reasons and then there's you. What does Iwata taking a pay cut have to do with restructuring of 2 Nintendo facilities in a specific region. He took a pay cut for the poor performance of the WiiU and his misunderstanding of the trends in western markets...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Uh no. That the Japan branch not Worldwide. Because the final and main decision is made in Japan.

slivery2506d ago

I know people just hate your comments in general whether they are right or wrong, but you are so right on this.

I wasn't even going to talk about this but since this guy had to bring up Sony's layoff's which I knew someone couldn't resist. I have to say something.

Every time Nintendo has trouble instead of fans just accepting it, I realize most just make up excuses for Nintendo. Just like you said, every one was saying Nintendo or Iwata would never allow anyone to be layed off.

Now that it has happened were hearing about Sony instead.. Every time things don't go as planned, most fans just blame something else. So typical, layoffs are layoffs, they aren't good either way, can we not agree on that?

All I did was tell people it is a business before and all big businesses suffer some type of losses at times but as usually it just gets perceived as trolling for simply being logical. Restructuring of big business's is very common, everyone gives Sony shit for it but of course not Nintendo or Microsoft as if they never have or do the same.

The fact that so many Nintendo fans think Nintendo is invincible really bothers me, it doesn't matter if you are Microsoft either, one of the richest companies in the world, you aren't exempt from making mistakes or suffering from them.

Even Microsoft has layoffs almost yearly, so if a company with that much money can have trouble to think Nintendo is invincible is one absurd notion.

As usual all those people who say this stuff would never own up to being wrong or show their faces in this comment section again, so typical... and no doubt those who do, will just bring up Sony's situation instead of just acknowledging Nintendo's.

N4g_null2506d ago

No one said nintendo was invincible. Please check your fanboy frustration at the door. The Europe firm is being crushed by sony over there. A lot of the negativity of the wiiu is coming from European media. The hate for ms is spearheaded by europe. Watchdogs was hyped by europe. The whole idea that the west was better than japan was born in europe. So yeah these guys need to be fired for not informing or dealing with the pr over in europe. Europe is simply an infliction point for pr and feed back on what to do next. Obviously they are not doing a great job.

the wiiu is a great product and the yes men are not helping a bad pr issue get fixed. The bad advice is almost criminal.

It sucks that They are losing their jobs but they are dead weight. Also no one in japan will be fired. Unless they pull a sony like crazy ken.

It is an understanding of the situation since most people that don't agree with you may actually have the system and also know how the industry works and Nintendo place in it.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2507d ago

I wonder what prompted the restructuring in the first place?
I'll bet you anything that this is due at least in part to Nintendo being forced to try and appease some of the sh*t-brained investors who only see the extra employees as an added expense.
IIRC, it was one of those mentally-challenged individuals that wanted Nintendo to go into mobile, then make people pay microtransactions to get Mario to jump a little higher.(Luigi and his already-naturally-higher jumps would like a word with that particular fool...)
Were it me, I would have relocated as many of those employees as possible to different branches instead of listening to investors that just want to cut costs for the sake of more $ by whatever means they can...

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