Tetris is 30! Take a look at this little game’s gigantic influence on culture

Whether we’re humming the catchy song or trying to play it on the side of a giant building, it’s clear that Tetris has left its mark on all of us.

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crazytown991598d ago

I don't think a Tetris movie could be any worse than Battleship.

Sadie21001598d ago

This is one of the best comments ever.

ColManischewitz1598d ago

I think a Tetris movie would be BETTER than Battleship.

puespues1597d ago

Actually, there IS a Tetris movie. Just search in google Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters. It's an awesome movie.

Nuk1598d ago

Everyone should take a look at Tetris opera by video games live. Quite epic.

NexGen1598d ago

Old school gameboy tetris is my ringtone.