Phantasy Star Nova and Zettai Zetsubou Kanojo: Danganronpa Another Episode Get New Trailers

During the the PlayStation’s Summer Fireworks livestream on Nico Nico two new trailers of two upcoming PS Vita games were broadcasted.

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Hold_It2503d ago

Of course. They are going to keep making PSO games and just take a huge crap on every USA Fan. Thank you Sega, for being blind as a bat once again.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2503d ago

Hey man don't worry, they heard your cries, I'm sure they'll announce a new Sonic game!

GDI Sega >_>

Hold_It2503d ago

Lol! Probably, we all know we need another Sonic The Hedgehog 2005 because that was the best one.

But no, it doesn't matter if we sign a petition or not because in the end they don't want our money they just want to bring over games that not a lot of our population would buy. They just need to let Atlus have freedom to touch their games because Atlus would actually port over Yakuza 5 or Ishin or even PSO2.

King-u-mad2503d ago

Yet another Phantasy star not coming to the US... SEGA... FUCK... YOU...

L-DOT-_REAPER_2503d ago

i agree with you guys fuck sega wish we can sign a petition

Edward752503d ago

I am a die hard sega fan. With that being said I may give up on them.

I can take only so many mediocre sonic games.

Where is PSO2? (West release)

When will you bring the games over that will bring your name back to western gamers discussions, and excitement?

I hope you don't screw us with Atlus now that you have them.

dcj05242503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Sonic is more above average (7-8) then mediocre (5-6) but I agree it's like they Don't like money. I was ready to buy Project Diva f 2 years ago. It came out for US 2 months ago.

Blasphemy2503d ago

why is this news for usa gamers when we know the games wont come stateside

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