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VideoGameWriter's Will Harrison: Capcom may be returning to the well once again with Ultra Street Fighter IV, the fifth iteration in the popular fighting game series. This doesn't mean that said well has dried up. With five new characters, gameplay enhancements, a laundry list of balance updates, and a nifty 'upload to YouTube' feature, Ultra Street Fighter IV does more than enough to keep the 'best fighting game of the last decade' crown in Capcom's trophy case.

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Akuma2K2506d ago

Come on Capcom, port USF4 to PS4....don't leave the next gen gamers out of the fighting game fun.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2506d ago

No. I'd rather not have the milk spill over to PS4 & Xbox One. If they put a Street Fighter game on those consoles then it better be Street Fighter 5. I didn't like SF4 5 years ago and I'm not going to like it now.

Android2506d ago

Street fighter 4 was amazing! Especially if your good at it. Practice makes fun, you probably should've given it more time. Although my favourite street fighters were alpha and street fighter 3.

Deadpool6162506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Why not? The more ports to consoles the merrier. Then everyone can enjoy the game if they liked it, on their system of choice.

kayoss2506d ago

I don't understand why they don't just release this on the ps4 and Xbox 360 as well.

higgins782505d ago

Surely you mean Xbox One, also, what's with leaving out the Wii U?

3-4-52505d ago

I remember this game from 2008.

tamulmol2505d ago

They should release a new street fighter to next gen like street fighter iv ultimate omega super duper edition wherein there is 1 new stage and costume.

GearSkiN2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Where's teken vs sf..