PS4 SHAREfactory Latest Update Is Now Live, Here's What Has Been Added

GearNuke: "SHAREfactory latest update is now live. Check out all the new additions here."

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snookiegamer2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Pretty awesome update. Fix's a few things, adds several more features :)

Has anyone (without card capture) actually uploaded anything to Youtube yet?, would love to see someone's work :)

Moe-Gunz2501d ago

Yea I did. The one issue I had with SHAREfactory has been fixed, fading music.

SuperBlunt2501d ago

That was actually really well done and fun to watch. Bravo dude

snookiegamer2501d ago


That was pretty freekin awesome. All that using SHAREfactory!!! Dude, I'm totally impressed!

Bubble for being "Helpful" :))

Moe-Gunz2501d ago

Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to future updates. I'm hoping for a pre-trim feature. It'll cut down on importing clips, cutting out the parts you don't want, then import more clips since there is a 20min total time limit.

Mr Pumblechook2501d ago

That's a really good video that showcased a range of PlayStation games. I like the wipes that look so professional. Although I would keep future vids to a max of 2 minutes. Cool!

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Moe-Gunz2501d ago

Nice I like it man. Love how it ended with the signature BF trailer sound.

lazyboyblue2501d ago

Have they fiuxed the issue with the ps4 not recording the last 15mins for some yet?
I'm forever hitting the share button to find my system hasn't recorded a thing.

Moe-Gunz2501d ago

I had that issue and it seems fixed now. However, with Watch Dogs I still run into a problem here and there.

smolinsk2501d ago

Crappy update, what about letting us share videos with our friends on our friends list?

Gore-Content2501d ago

Fade in / fade out for music. Whoohoo! That's all I need!

Moe-Gunz2501d ago

Tell me about it! Now I only wish they had it to where you can keyframe fades (might be getting too advanced). Currently if you want bring music down in the middle of a track you have to do some splitting. Still at least fades are there.

gamer78042501d ago

nice, especially the fade-in and fade-out feature for music. This makes it pretty easy to make nice little videos without going to a computer

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