New PlayStation Developer Steel Minons Set For Big Things

Now Sheffield's indie developer Steel Minions are taking their careers to the next level and releasing on PlayStation.

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THC CELL2507d ago

I thought it ment Sheffield in South Yorkshire then what played a huge part in steel industrial. Haha. Sounds good I can't wait to see more

GribbleGrunger2506d ago

This makes two new Playstation studios announced in the last week, and both seem to be focusing on the Vita and PSN. It would be nice for Sony to introduce them at E3, but even nicer if Sony also announce that both Quantic Dream and Ready At Dawn were now part of Sony.

XiSasukeUchiha2507d ago

Steel Minion I can't wait for your next game :)

fenome2506d ago

That's so dope that they're getting opportunities like this. Good job guys, congratulations, hope it takes you far. Either way though have fun and live it up!

HonestDragon2506d ago

We shall see what they have to bring to the table soon enough. I think there's a lot of potential here.

WeAreLegion2506d ago

Awesome. I can't wait to see what else these guys do! The good Minis were few and far between, but I loved theirs!

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