FAST Racing NEO No Longer Listed For 2014

Munich, Germany-based independent video game developer Shin'en Multimedia's upcoming Wii U racing title, FAST Racing NEO, is no longer listed for 2014.

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Neonridr2502d ago

Shame that it might be slipping to 2015. But I have the utmost faith in Shin'en for utilizing that time to make it the best game it can be.

Ck1x2501d ago

I just want to see the game already! It probably will the best move releasing it in a off year from MK8. But I'm really excited for this game nonetheless

for we are many2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Noooo. I needed something that reminds me of F-Zero even remotely. Shin'en while extremely talented are a very small team and I believe that their work on Art of Balance for WiiU might be the reason for this delay because they are likely unable to work on two streams at the same time. But I would rather them delay FAST R Neo and polish it more than rush it out. By the way, Art of Balance is a very fun game.

Venox20082501d ago

yeah more people should try Art of matter on Wii, 3DS or on Wii U.. very addicting with nice graphics and everything :) Wii U version is a lot of more upgraded...

on topic: I am still excited since I (hopefully) gonna see how Fast Racing Neo looks and since it's Shinen..I am sure that it's gonna amaze me..

People should try other games they made like Nano Assault Neo ... and Nano assault EX on 3DS

R00bot2501d ago

Huh. Hopefully we at least see something at E3 this year.

bobacdigital2501d ago

Delayed because at e3 nintendo will confirm they are working with them to convert the game to an fzero game.

randomass1712501d ago

Now why would you go and tug at my heartstrings like that?

Dravidian2501d ago

My thoughts exactly. E3 is just around the corner...

N4g_null2501d ago

People have been asking and if you code is good and the art rocks and the gameplay is true to it. They will green light it. Those are very high standards though.

videgamenext12501d ago

I've been thinking that as well. They have been so quite about it. Making this aan f-zero title would sell like motherloads

Chrischi19882501d ago

And help Nintendo out a lot and make Shin'en a name in the industry.

herbs2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I feel that Nintendo has probably been working on F-Zero in tandem with Mario Kart 8, I mean they built this amazing racing engine that runs flawlessly for their Wii U and it would be a waste not to improve upon it for F-Zero. Maybe they don't want Shin ens game to compete with it so its been delayed. E3 is going to be awesome :)

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randomass1712501d ago

Well dang. This is pretty much he closest thing Wii U is getting to a new F-Zero for a while, so it would be nice to at least see it in action. :[

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