Madden NFL 15 Debuts Gameplay Trailer & New Features

GoodGameBro writes, "This morning, EA SPORTS released the debut gameplay trailer for this year’s Madden NFL 15. The Madden NFL 15 website has also been updated with new feature information about this year’s game."

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NinjaRichParty2503d ago

Visually looks good, but I want to see some improvements. The offensive line is still garbage. I would also like to see them implement a career mode similar to what 2K is doing with the NBA 2K series.

I used to really like Madden, so it sucks to see it go through this lull of mediocre installments.

Future_20152503d ago

If 2K show a new NFL 2K then madden will die quick

NinjaRichParty2503d ago

I think 2K getting a game would actually be a good thing for EA. Some actual competition could result in two GREAT video games for us to play.

Just imagine what both companies could do with the new consoles and knowing that the other wants them out of business. We could get something special!

lonewolfjedi2503d ago

same old tackling animations

Yo Mama2503d ago

Let's see how many people they fool this year by showing a trailer that doesn't represent how the actual gameplay looks while being played.

Minute Man 7212503d ago

Yup my friend bought it for PS4 only to be disappointed and I warned him about it

medman2503d ago

Absolutely...never buy the first year sports game for a newly launched's sure to have been rushed and missing features.

NYC_Gamer2503d ago

What about the gameplay though?

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The story is too old to be commented.