Charlie Chaplin Meets Monkey Island in Clown’s Secret | Grab It

Expression Studios is releasing an exciting new adventure game that takes its inspiration from not only the genre's nineties heyday, but the silent movie era. Grab It has the preview.

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SlappingOysters2503d ago

This is a great premise for a game, especially and adventure game, and I hope the art style and attitude is kept light and fun throughout.

CoyoteHunter2503d ago

I reckon they might have a gem on their hands here. It depends how they go about drawing in people unfamiliarr with silent films. Very keen to hear more!

SlappingOysters2502d ago

And how good their animations are!

Lrateke2498d ago

Thanks for your comments- It's always good to hear that.
Hope you check out our development blog and follow us on twitter: @ExprStudios

Luciano Rateke- game designer of Clown's Secret