Diehard GameFAN: The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Three: In Harm’s Way Review

DHGF: While The Walking Dead Season 2 has turned a bit less into an adventure series and more like an interactive story, relying less on figuring out any kind of puzzles and instead focusing on using the character interaction and situations to drive the player forward, this has led to the series becoming even stronger as it skirts the fine line there and gives us some great characters that not only are we invested in, but we’re afraid we’re going to lose. Clementine has come into her own this time around, definitely more part of the group and even the one they’ve come to rely on even though she’s just a kid, because circumstances and life experience have made her far more than that. There’s a clear villain once again, showing up from our previous episodes that has to be dealt with and that’s something we didn’t really have with season one. This one leaves us on a cliffhanger more than any of the other episodes this season and it definitely leaves you wanting more.

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