Sony's Fluster Cluck Is a Real Thing, PS4 Exclusive with Couch Multiplayer; Screenshots/Info Shared

A couple weeks ago DualShockers unveiled the tradermark "Fluster Cluck" filed by Sony DADC, sparking speculation and hilarity about the use of such a strange and a little mischievous name.

Today the company sent in a press release finally explaining what it is about. It's indeed a game, and unexpectedly it's also a PS4 exclusive by Sony DADC's internal studio LOOT entertainment.

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monkeyDzoro2507d ago

Local co-op multiplayer ? I take it already.

Mikey322302507d ago

looks fun, just curious whats up with the ps2 graphics?

maybe these are early alpha/beta screen shots

GameDev12507d ago

What? lol

I don't think the aim of this game is to set the bar for next gen graphics

Gardenia2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


GMW2507d ago

Do you want to cluck around or play games?

dredgewalker2507d ago

Cluck it guys, we shouldn't be clucking around in here or the mods will cluck our bubbles.

solidt122507d ago

With a name like fluster chuck why would you expect it to have triple A graphics lol.

ShinMaster2507d ago

Bringing back the PS1 days.

thereapersson2506d ago

Hey guys, I'm just going to run out for a minute to get some Cluckin Bell. Anybody want anything?

Aberdasher2506d ago

I'll have a number nine, a number nine large, a number six with extra sauce, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one wit' cheese, and a large soda.

fenome2506d ago

Yippee Ki-Yay, Mother Cluckers!

Haki11122506d ago

@Aberdasher lmfao that was one of the best parts of SA

360ICE2506d ago

What the fuck is this?


BallsEye2506d ago


I'm loving local MP and don't care much about graphics but this is just too low. I mean it's PS4! Can't it atleast be with some decent AA ? LOoks like upscaled 720p without AA >.<. It's not like it takes coding time. My phone can do better.

I mean COME ON

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callahan092507d ago

Looks and sounds fun, kind of reminds me of some of those Treasure games from the 6th generation era, like Stretch Panic, in its weirdness.

I do wonder why it's PS4 exclusive, though. Sony has been releasing a lot of PSN games as PS3/PS4/Vita cross-buy titles, I feel like *most* PSN games lately have been like that actually. It's not like they're going all out taking advantage of the PS4 for graphics or something, this game doesn't even look as good as most PS3 games.

Prime1572507d ago

Could be RAM limitations as a cluster f### does imply a lot going on.

Just an idea, not saying true or that I agree or disagree.

jayswolo2506d ago

pushing ps4 and ignoring the brand unity they are trying to establish at the same time.

sonic9892507d ago

yeah finally thats what i am talking about when i say playstation diversity in games i love it i shall check it out at E3 along with other E3 games .

nunley332507d ago

From looking at this it does appear to be a PS4 version of their browse/ios game Forsaken Planet. It wasn't very popular and hasn't found an audience yet so this looks like a salvage job by Sony & Loot. I hope it finds better success though but I have no use for local co-op but i'll watch how this goes.

Axecution2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

cant wait till the store updates with this some Tuesday around 12 o'cluck

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ZodTheRipper2507d ago

Characters look cool but the game itself looks strange. Couch Multiplayer is good news though so I'll keep my eye on it.

Lawboy22507d ago

@ king thrash

This is a new ip by a sony first party that is not an indie similar to max, lococycle, and project totem

GameDev12507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

so? Can't you guys just let competition console war rest for a day or two.

ON TOPIC: the game characters actually reminds me of Crash bandicoot style

Kayant2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

"This is a new ip by a sony first party" - Not really this is an ip by Sony DADC which have only done moblie game in terms of game production. There are not part of Sony WWS.
"that is not an indie similar to max, lococycle, and project totem" - Those are not indies in the first place since it's first party products funded/created by MS owned studios. What they are are small scale downloadable titles.

OT - Well I sure was not expecting something like this.

nunley332507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

That's true and Loot has done mostly PlayStation Home items in addition to its browser & ios game forsaken planet. Loot has been silent for a long time so this is what they've been doing, i'll keep an eye on this.

Lawboy22506d ago

No I wasn't saying those were indies...I was saying this game is similar to those games...we were having a conversation in another thread and those games were called indies

nunley332507d ago

It's not new but a reworking, rebranding of forsaken planet, their ios and browser game for the PS4. I was made very aware of Forsaken Planet before it came out but most don't know about it.

marlinfan102507d ago

Couch multiplayers are always good but this one doesnt look like its for me