PS4 at E3 2014 - Sony Victorious: The Trailer

PS4 at E3 2014! Hubris! Sony! What have they got in store for us? Dunno.

Nintendo and Xbox might as well not bother turning up.

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ZodTheRipper2503d ago

Kinda funny but certainly not worth it's own article :D

morganfell2503d ago

I agree, it was funny...except for that piece of text on the screen at the end. "Chat with the VG Staff"


This is part of what is wrong with sophomoric attempts at game journalism. Since when did reporters and writers become rockstars that you want to meet? When did they become more important than the games about which they are writing?

They didn't.

Well then, chat is for insight!

Look, if there is one thing these bloggers and highschool writers have proven it is that they have zero insight into games. Just play the trailers and stream the conferences and then shut up and get the hell out of the public's way. You've been a damned road block long enough.

grailly2503d ago

videogamer is a very personality focused outlet, that's why they'll organized chats with people, I'm sure many viewers would be interested in that.

I'm also under the impression that most of their business is done through youtube, they'll just have articles to post their videos in.

darren_poolies2502d ago


It's funny because if you had any clue about Videogamer at all, you would knwo that they are they exact opposite to that. It isn't IGN, they don't all think they're rockstars, they are all very down to earth and funny people.

I for one will be joining the stream to talk to them during the conference's because it's fun and I like them so shh.

XiSasukeUchiha2503d ago

It's just kinda of funny with bit of WTF!

Ron_Danger2503d ago

It's always a shame when you can tell when a video is made by people who think they're funny verses people who are actually funny.

creatchee2503d ago

This was definitely the latter.

Ron_Danger2503d ago

It's unfortunate if you think a bunch of recycled ideas and cliches are funny. You must think Carlos Mencia is comedy genius.

darren_poolies2503d ago

I'm sorry that I don't have the same sense of humour as you.

True_Samurai2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Lol OK that one caught me off when he said but Sony where are the games? I give you that it made me chuckle a bit

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