What we want from E3: Nintendo

E3′s gaming convention always brings copious amounts of gaming news from releases and hardware. On June 10th, at 9:o0 am Pacific, Nintendo will be holding their “Nintendo Direct” press conference. Below is a list of predictions and hopeful discussions from the APV staff members.

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Sincere01212507d ago

How many more of these articles are we gonna get? Lol takin all bets...

Spooney3232507d ago

Metroid metroid metroid metroid. Zelda u And Zelda Williams :D

Nes_Daze2506d ago

I'll be paying more attention to Nintendo at this E3, might buy a WiiU in the near future...

Rute2506d ago

Metroid, Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, Eternal Darkness 2, Starfox, Pokemon MMO, and please, some new IPs as well. There should definitely be more of traditional adventure games and platformers, as well as games that make innovative use of the touch screen controller.

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